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  1. Tyrus Oris


    Haters 'gon hate. :(
  2. Tyrus Oris


    We have something in common. Crazy people are cool. Anyone actually have a tattoo they wanna post up? This isn't the debate room. :(
  3. Tyrus Oris

    Lul Botscape

    This. I hate when people do that. I don't like talking in the game and I surf the web and every once in a while some random Joe will accuse me.
  4. Tyrus Oris

    Itt We Post Our Crush

  5. Tyrus Oris

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Long time no see! Military, Nice man, hope your life is doing great! Sorry brother but I don't really recognize you. I see your join date is from 2005 though. So yeah we were probably hanging out on here during teh n3rdy days. :(
  6. Tyrus Oris


    & I'll still be cool than you. :( Look at it this way. Regardless whether you get tattoos or not. When you get old your gonna be saggy, so at that point it really doesn't matter.
  7. Tyrus Oris


    http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/7239/tat001.jpg http://imageshack.us/f/217/tat002.jpg/ COME AT ME BROS
  8. Tyrus Oris

    Banned Members Accounts Deleted?

    look at his warn lvl, he came back the right way, by appealing the ban Ouch! Alright thank you.
  9. I was banned in 2006 I believe and I was just wondering if the banned accounts got deleted? Because I can't find my original account. "Oris" If anyone could answer it would be deeply appreciated.
  10. Tyrus Oris

    Prodigy Signatures

    They changed the rules to if you were banned at one time and you re-register. You start with 7 points. It's what ever if you really feel inclined that I don't rate one of your signatures, then so be it.
  11. Tyrus Oris

    Prodigy Signatures

    Um... I'm only putting "The Oris" on there. -- Lol'd at his rating of 7 when he's only been a member for like two weeks. Working on yours, Rain, finally got some time to actually sit down and work on something. -- Rain, got yours done: [IMG=http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k525/mkilla2007/Rain.png] Sorry it took so long, I've been busy IRL. Working on Oris' now, then on to Naota's :( -- Scratched Oris', didn't want to waste my time. Naota, finished yours, tell me what you think: [IMG=http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k525/mkilla2007/Naota.png] So no go? Yeah I was banned back in 2006 for some reason. Don't remember.
  12. Tyrus Oris

    Itt We Post Our Crush

  13. Tyrus Oris

    Itt We Post Our Crush

    Always had a weird thing for Sara & Tegan. They just got more tattoos too! Girls w/ Tattoos = AWESOME Lettuce be reality, I would do battle with a pack of wild mountain lions inside of a handicapped stall at a local bennigans with my hands zip tied behind my back and a shakeweight superglued to my forehead as my only weapon just to get a chance to share a freshly baked pizza pie with them over skype with a dial up connection.
  14. Tyrus Oris

    Itt We Post Our Crush

    Hi, how are you? Is this real life?
  15. Tyrus Oris

    Itt We Post Our Crush

    Yeah that's me on the misc. You even lift, bro? I have lived the "Disregard Women, Acquire Aesthetics, Man the Harpoons" lifestyle since I was a sperm. I am nothing short of a champion. I do dick push ups to failure, I have supplement nutrition facts taped to the inside of my stunna shades, I listen to Mens Fitness on audio book on my way to the gym and my workout playlist when I go to sleep at night, I have a statue in a small village in South America, I sleep in the sit up position, I don't feel pain because there is no more weakness left to leave my body, I take so many vitamins my piss is neon excellence, and I read my lifting progress while I shizzle protein bars. Brian Peppers salutes you! I'd rep you if I could. YA RLY.

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