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  1. HerbalSteve

    All Treasure Trails Posted Here Please!

    rerolled from a 54k clue :D
  2. HerbalSteve

    All Treasure Trails Posted Here Please!

    and another keep the hard clues rolling
  3. HerbalSteve

    All Treasure Trails Posted Here Please!

    i sense paying heller or mic some monies
  4. HerbalSteve

    Skill Competition 57 - Fishing

    sign me up if it's fishing, might actually be able to stick to it if i'm competing!
  5. HerbalSteve

    Finally did some quests....now where?

    eww nooo, never more quests, do something mind numbing like prayer :D
  6. HerbalSteve

    The First Word That Comes To Mind

    loci EDIT: waaayyy to many letters there :(
  7. HerbalSteve

    How Far Over Can You Go?

    I didn't answer the poll, i will however post, in most places in the UK 10% difference is acceptable for speedo inaccuracies. Speed does not kill, it's the sudden lack of it, speeding isn't an issue, the issue is people driving beyond their talent and in towns and villages. Don't drive/ride stupidly and i feel there shouldn't be a problem, hey the government should agree with my views, people will burn more fuel, ergo more gets sold, government get even more of their extortionately high fuel duty, every body is happy. On another note, the french really don't look too kindly on speeding, break the speed limit and it's not unheard of for people to be charged with attempted manslaughter.
  8. It's quite commonly acknowledged that many acer motherboards have a severe problem (however not by acer), and this is a bit of a pain and a worry until you figure out what has happened and that your other hardware has survived. So now i get to the point of my thread, i've seen quite a few suggestions to "fix" the boot loop problem, i however would rather not stick my motherboard in the oven. Does anyone know how to sort these motherboards out? I've seen many places offering reconditioning services and the motherboard comes back in perfect working order, however i'm stingy and don't like paying for anything let alone something i could potentially do myself. I own a soldering gun, plenty of solder (all different gauges), flux and a lot of experience with said soldering gun. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance lads and lasses.
  9. HerbalSteve

    What Is Your Mental Age!

    mental age of 45, 28 years older than i am. love the dire straits question, mark knopfler was a genius :( Just tried for an older age, got 61, so all i have to say to that is: Come towards me in an aggressive manner male sibling.
  10. It's not that expensive. It's the principle not the price :( I feel the same way Im not getting members until botting is removed from runescape That is sheer determination to stay f2p for your scape career, hats off to you. :D
  11. HerbalSteve

    69 Dunjin Party Party

    that's 3am for me blake :D but i'll be there cause i love ya :(

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