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  1. Mightyox2

    Title And Plot Help And Suggestions.

    Thanks. I have a lot to learn and, yeah...this is my first time doing a RuneScape story and I was kinda nervous about it. Sorry about my rumble-jumble. I'll keep your advice in mind!
  2. Mightyox2

    The Land Of Habok

    ((Got it. Sorry for taking so long to reply.)) Simeon's face was red with anger. Drats! How dare those Ancients try to take my crew's money?! He snapped to himself. It wasn't exactly his or his crew's money, but you know how young men like Simeon are when they're angry, especially with someone talking what they wanted. He knew that his crew wouldn't blame him for not being able to claim the money first, but he didn't want to give up so easily. But what was he going to do? He swiped back his brown hair, feeling sweat glisten on his palm. The Ancients were already Oliminades. He knew he could reach it easily because he was already close buy, but what then? He couldn't just be a gentlemen and ask with his sweetest smile, "May I please have your money? I know you took it first, but I wanted it first." Of course, he wouldn't be able to do that to a three year-old either, let alone the Ancients. He looked at his scabbard hanging from his red belt. Inside was a shining bronze scimitar; a little crude, but still sharp and deadly. He never really fought with anything else besides this weapon. It would've been a cool story if it was a sword presented to him ever since he was a child, but no, consequently it wasn't. His very first weapon was a steel dagger, but it proved to be too small in later looting, so on his fifteen birthday he was allowed to chose a weapon from the enemy ship's weaponry and thus chose the bronze dagger. It's been with him for three years already. The only way to get the money back...was to pursue the Ancients. But would he be able to? He pondered on this for awhile. No one was allowed to take something rightfully belonging to his crew. It was always like that from the beginning of his life. And he had much experience with fighting. Fighting enemy ships was too easy. Today he was going to challenge himself with something harder and walk out as the victor. Turning around on his heels, he made up his mind. He was going to travel from Lindara to Oliminades to take back what was supposed to be his.
  3. Mightyox2

    The Land Of Habok

    ((Thank you. So how is a pirate going to join in the event? Could you help me? Thanks!))
  4. Mightyox2

    Into The Knight

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the reply. I used to be better at being descriptive with my writing but for some reason I think I was a bit nervous and tense when doing this one... I'll keep your advice in mind! Plus I'll take off the Romeo and Juliet and Phantom of the Opera thing...I agree, it looks a little odd in a story like this. I'm going revise the non-completed chapter 1 when I have time.
  5. Mightyox2

    Zerox Graphics Shopz

    Umm...is it okay if I don't want a picture? All I want are the words. Unless it's required I'll go find one :(.
  6. Mightyox2

    Into The Knight

    Hello everybody! Before I start this story, I would just want to say that this is not my first time writing but my first time writing on this site. I couldn't really think of a good title for this story...I considered some like "Life Changes", "Life Can Change", "Edward's Life", etc. I didn't really like those titles, so I decided to keep thinking...Afterwards I conjured up the title "Savage Rose", and I really liked it. But this story doesn't have anything to do with a rose being savage, or anything of the like. I then tried "Into the Night", but that also has nothing to do with the story. Well, it will, but it's just not the main topic of the story. But then...I thought, maybe if it was "Into the Knight"...and I considered it for a moment. Will this have to do with the story? Yes! (You'll see why.) Although it did make me think of someone walking into a knight's body and exploring his organs and bones, but still, it's a creative name. So "Into the Knight" it is. Anyway, I will be welcoming all comments, feedback, and tips, just no flaming, please. Enjoy! --- Chapter One Where am I? Edward wondered as he looked around at his surrounds. Snow...there was snow everywhere. Was it winter already? The sky was gray, giving the scenery a quite romantic air to it. Normally gray clouds were more like "gloomy" and "miserable-looking" to Edward, but with the snow around, it just made him think of one word: Romantic. It made him think of tales like Romeo and Juliet, The Phantom of the Opera, and all those other heartthrob tragedies. And it was icky, too. Being a ten year-old boy, it wasn't uncommon to think that those things were plain disgusting. He liked more adventurous stories, such as the ones of knights, wizards, wars of the gods, and all those. What was the point of stories like Romeo and Juliet anyway? They were just going to end up sad. Yes, some adventurous stories could end up sad too, but with a more brave sound to it. But Evangeline likes them, he thought to himself, feeling quite annoyed. But oh well, it's to be expected anyway. She's a little seven year-old girl. Despite these rash thoughts, Edward loved his little sister dearly. "Okay, time to stop thinking about that," he murmured to himself. It was time to explore the snowy world that he had mysteriously found himself standing upon. He took a few steps, trying to listen to any sounds of life. There was no sound, just the sound of his boots crunching the snow. Maybe this place was completely empty? No, maybe only empty for now. Maybe soon he would find out that he wasn't alone in this mysterious place. Wait--wasn't he supposed to be freezing to death? He looked down at himself to check what he was wearing. Only pajamas?! He didn't even have a cloak...how was he even okay? Just as he was wondering about that, he heard a loud cry. Aaarrrrrroooooooo! He went dead still like a statue, his face turning as white as the snow around him, for he recognized the sound of the cry. Was that...a wolf? It certainly couldn't have been a bird or anything that was more innocent than a wolf... Panic rushed through him. The last thing he remembered was climbing into his bed to go to sleep, and now he was in a bizarre place with wolves? He didn't even have a weapon with him to protect himself against it. What was he going to do now? Maybe his mother, father, and sister were here too? "Mama! Papa! Evangeline!" He called. When he heard no sound, he started screaming again, this time loud. "MAMA! PAPA! EVANGELINE!" And at once he regretted it. If he kept on screaming like this, the wolves would surely hear him. And when they heard him, they would know where he was. He was all alone, in this dangerous, scary place, one full of dangerous wolves. It didn’t prove to be anything haunting yet since there wasn’t really anything going on yet, just the sound of a wolf howling, but soon there would be terrible action. His screaming had been very loud, so no doubt that the wolf had heard him. Just as he feared for the worst, he heard footsteps crunching in the snow coming toward him from his right. He turned slightly to the direction of the footsteps, holding his breath, expecting it to be the wolf stalking toward him, even if the footsteps sounded a bit heavier than usual. But to his greatest surprise, the thing coming over to him was not a wolf. “What…?” Edward muttered. “Papa!” Edward rushed over to his father and wrapped his arms around him, so very relieved that is father was with him. His father was only a miner, but it was better than being alone, especially since you’re only ten years of age. When he was expecting a “Don’t be afraid, you’re not alone,” Edward heard an “Aaaarrrrrrooooo!” Shocked, Edward quickly let go of his father and jumped back, to him almost a foot. Did his father just…howl? “P-papa?” Edward asked, feeling his heart race. Was his father going to be a wolf and attack him? But instead of attacking him, his father took a step closer to him and bent down until they were face-to-face. “Woof,” said his father. “Ummm…hi,” Edward “replied”, not able to think of anything else to say. How was he going to communicate with his father if he kept on acting like a canine creature? Not finished
  7. Mightyox2

    Zerox Graphics Shopz

    Render: Mightyox2 Background Colour: Dark-blue Style: umm...glowy? Other Details: Text: Mightyox2 Text color: White Size (Only 400 x 150) 400 x 150 Scan Lines (Yes/No): No Thank you :(
  8. Mightyox2

    Left Handed Or Right Handed?

    The popular choice: Right-handed. Kinda typical of me, huh? :(
  9. Mightyox2

    Dubbed Or Subbed?

    I prefer subbed. I watched a Chinese movie that was dubbed and the voices sounded really, really awkward (a pretty woman in the movie had a witch's voice, and someone who was speaking normally sounded like he was crying). Plus one of my movies is in English but I always have to use subtitles, because the actors speak so softly and silently.
  10. Mightyox2

    Do Parents Really Know Their Own Kids?

    My parent's know me about 95%. They know I'm not a bad kid and like to study :(. They also know that I like to wear bright colored clothes and not dark ones, etc. The other 5%...I don't know. I wouldn't really consider that they know me 100%, I just don't know how to explain it. But other kids...I guess it varies.
  11. Mightyox2

    My Friend Wants To Be A Model

    I totally agree with Daaryl. Good luck to your friend too. I'm not a fan of modeling but still :(.
  12. Mightyox2

    The Land Of Habok

    Name: Simeon Gender: Male Age: 18 Race: Human Faction: Pirate Appearance/Armour: 6 feet exactly, brown hair, green eyes, slim frame, wears a white long-sleeved shirt shirt with a red sash and dark-brown pants that are tucked into his black boots. He also wears a red band around his forehead. Weapons: Bronze scimitar Occupation: Erm...pirating? Personality: Very energetic and cheery, loves looting other ships. He's quite humorous around his crew and is a little oblivious to pretty women. He's very loyal to his crew and would rather die than betray them. History: His mother was captured by his father and was forced to marry him, thus giving birth to him. He was raised normally as a pirate. At young ages he helped his crew loot other ships. ((Could I have a recap?))
  13. Mightyox2

    Anyone Like "the Phantom Of The Opera"?

    I wonder where he gets all his clothes, considering he's only known life in the Opera House...
  14. My sister recently bought The Phantom of the Opera movie, the one filmed in 2004, starring Gerard Butler (Erik, The Phantom himself!), Patrick Wilson ("Slave of Fashion", something that The Phantom calls him; in other words Raoul), and Emmy Rossum (Christine Daae). My little brother is really obsessed with it...he watches it day and night, mostly to listen to the music. I like it too, but it's so sad for Erik at the end, like all the versions are. I'm not just talking about the movie, but about the story of The Phantom of the Opera. So, who likes it?
  15. So basically I need ideas on a title and a plot. Before I ask for ideas on the title, however, I shall explain what I plan to right about: There was once a happy family living in the town of Taverley, or wherever, just a place where a peaceful family should live. The family consists of a mother, father, son (protagonist!), and daughter. They live innocently and are not involved in fighting whatsoever. The mother unexpectedly dies, and after she dies the father is more harsher than ever on his two children. Little details I have sorted out: - The son is going to be 10 years-old, and his name is Edward (at first I wanted Morgan, but then I decided to change it). Our little main character. - The daughter's gonna be 7 years-old, and her name is Evangeline (pretty name). - Father is named Erik (from The Phantom of the Opera). - Mother is named Christine (also from The Phantom of the Opera). Little details I do not have sorted out: - Father's occupation - Mother's occupation - How mom dies For the little details, I guess they're going to be easy...it's going to be easy to plan about the mother and father's occupations. I want them to be not involved in jobs involving combat (knights, archers, etc.), and they're a bunch of those. BUT--I was also thinking of making the father a wizard...but it raises one question: Are wizards allowed to have romance? That is something I really don't know...when I read the book Betrayal at Falador, it states that knights aren't allowed to have romance, so it sounds as if it applies to wizards too. Okay, going on to how the mom dies. At first I was planning for her to die of sickness, but sickness isn't going to be caught for no reason. If she works normally and has a loving husband taking care of her, she's not going to even catch a cold. Plus she has two children able to help her on whatever she needs, AND most importantly, there are a alchemists, druids, wizards, and some of the same sort around the place, and the serve as doctors, so... Or maybe she could just be murdered? Yes, that makes more sense. I'll just need to figure out who does it, though. I don't want any mysterious creature or attacker--I don't plan to have that in the story. I know--maybe someone that loved her in the past? Of course, that guy would be aiming to kill her husband or her children, not her if it was the situation of jealousy. So I'm going twist it up a bit-- The mother used to be in love with a certain man, but then that man wanted to become a knight. His heart was in conflict: become a knight and leave the one he loves, or stay with her but yearn to be a knight day and night? So he decided to become a knight. 10 years later he goes back to Taverley to see how she is fairing (10 years of trying to forget her but of course not succeeding) and finds out she's got a happy family now. And then he kills her out of anger/sadness/jealousy? Wait--that doesn't sound very knightly! And it was his fault for wanting to be a knight, not her's. So I'm just going to have to think of another reason why she dies... Well, and after that, there's one big problem: I don't know what to write next. And that's a really important part, 'cause I can't just stop at the part where she dies and the father starts acting sour towards his kids. Well, the boy is 10 years-old, quite young, but in many stories children like him have been able to do big things. So I was thinking...Edward would take his sister and run away to Falador and be taken in by the knights? Maybe if I keep the guy who loved his mother a decade ago... The two bedraggled children will bump into him. He'll ask why they're like this and Edward will explain. Plus Evangeline looks a lot like her mom, which makes him wonder why she has a resemblance to his beloved Christine. He'll take them back to the castle, let Edward train as a peon (oh, and just so you know, the guy's still a squire, not a knight yet). And lastly the title. I need a catchy title to go with this plot...any ideas? I know these are things I'm supposed to plan alone, but maybe some help would be so bad :(? Thank you!!

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