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    Miami , Florida
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    Smoking weed , writing lyrics .

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    Ang3l Kushh
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    Venom Kushh
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    Herblore , Hunter .
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    Death's Talons
  1. Ang3l Kushh

    What can i kill with mage to make money?

    If you want to still keep killing blue dragons you can. Log out of runescape and on the top left corner there's an option that sais language. If you click it you can change the language of the game. The other languages only have 2 or 3 worlds but the worlds only have 40-80 players. Everything is empty. I do that when bots are running rampant.
  2. Ang3l Kushh

    Fastest Way To 53 Theiving?

    Alright thanks guys .
  3. Ang3l Kushh

    Fastest Way To 53 Theiving?

    Master Farmers. They are found at dranyor or north of ardy. Choose the ones that have left click steal. Gloves of silence are recommended. I only have 44 hunterrrr :x , and theese master farmers take for EVARRRR ! ~~
  4. Ang3l Kushh

    Fastest Way To 53 Theiving?

    I currently have level 43 thieving. I need 53 for the infamous heroes quest. Whats the fastest way ? o:
  5. Ang3l Kushh

    Ang3l Kushh Has Reached 1k Total Level !

    Thats gonna be a doozy . lol .
  6. Ang3l Kushh Reached 1k Total Level! It's been a long road. I've had 4 Accounts with total skills 900+ but never really reached 1k. I must admit I'm proud of myself >:(
  7. Ang3l Kushh

    Prodigy Signatures

    Prodigy did you forget my sig ?
  8. Ang3l Kushh

    Getting High And Playing Runescape

    I enjoy smoking more while pking or barrows . I usually grind sober (can remember what im doing) .
  9. Ang3l Kushh

    Getting High And Playing Runescape

    uhh , yes . why must somone post a top just saying they like to play COD while playing runescape ?
  10. Ang3l Kushh

    Getting High And Playing Runescape

    lol . RuneScape can be fun at times when your not grinding . But its all the better while high .
  11. Ang3l Kushh

    Zezima Who?

    Zezima was the #1 RuneScape account with wrong password/user name logins . Why ? cause people are obsessed . Its soo stupid . Hes just a regular person who happens to not have a life . But he got one again , which is why he doesnt play anymroe .
  12. Well . Idk if it's just me but i enjoy runescape alot more when im zooted brains . I think it has to do with the exitement of the littlest things . Who agrees ? THIS IS NOT A MARIJUANA MORAL DISCUSSION , NO FLAMING .
  13. Ang3l Kushh


    It was coool , have alot of nice teachers , maad fudgeed up teacherss be tryinn me dooe -________-
  14. Ang3l Kushh


    Ahhh . Schoool is here . That means 8 less hours to grind on runescapee -____- , fudge it . Guess RuneScape is gonnaa wait !

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