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  1. q1w2e88

    J-mod clones?

    it was a small event run by mod crow on the rs community livestream.
  2. q1w2e88

    Sals in-game community

    I'll be sticking around the cc as a guest. You aint getting rid of me just yet :P
  3. q1w2e88

    Sals in-game community

    you seem to be mistaken. I am not gunning for anything. I am simply informing people why I have decided to quit. It seems a shame that you do not remember the glory days where sals realm was always a great place. we were like a family. I feel that there is no point crying over what has already been done and i do not regret ever joining the clan. I just feel it is over for me at least.
  4. q1w2e88

    Sals in-game community

    Today .... I realized that the sals realm in-game community (if you can call it that) has become a ghost of its former self. What used to be a community that you could be proud to be part of has become a group of selfish individuals that are only focused on personal gain. Though there may be a small handful of individuals who are not selfish and do still try to keep sals community alive there are more people who would rather see sals realm crumble if there was any benefit in it for them. Through chatting with the clan members that were online at the time it became apparent that the community is dead. I have found a quote from 'Timmy Da Sta' : "community is on the forums kid." This is what Sals realm in-game has become. It is due to this that I have decided to quit the clan. I will still be showing my face at any events I can but I hope you can understand my reasons. I wish all of the remaining true clan members the best of luck in whatever they choose to do. Cya for now - lZamorakl
  5. q1w2e88


    It all works :D Had to upgrade eventually so i'm glad its all out the way. Now with a much better graphics card I can get addicted to some of those high graphics games .... Rs3 might be thrown aside ... I didn't think this one through. Well only time will tell :D
  6. q1w2e88

    A few recent achievements

    daaayum. good job.
  7. My motto "Do it right , Do it once"

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Adam?


      Never do it, claim credit

    3. Tabt


      Mine is "do as you would be done by"

    4. Nitua


      Do nothing, do nothing again.

  8. Im a bit late on the whole rating thing but i've got nothing better to do so.. What do you think? :D
  9. q1w2e88


    Its not that I didnt know its just ... i had a derp moment :P ahh well; i needed to upgrade my psu anyway :) 500w is not enough for me anymore
  10. q1w2e88


    I ordered a new power supply earlier. Should arrive on Friday or Saturday :) I just hope this is the last of the complications. Fingers crossed.
  11. q1w2e88

    In just a short week..

    Well this will give me something to do with my ridiculous amount of free time. I personally don't feel the rs3 buzz but the old community coming back is well worth fighting for. I will try my best to contribute :)
  12. q1w2e88


    I guess i had this coming. A little while ago i purchased a XFX R7850 2GB graphics card for myself. A little treat if you like. It arrived earlier today and i was fairly impressed with it. It was only once I had opened up my PC and removed my current graphics card did I notice that there was a small port in the back of the graphics card. It turns out i didn't read and the graphics card requires a 6 pin PCI-Express power connector.....which my current power supply doesn't provide or support. So for now its back to the drawing board as I set off to spend another £100 to buy a new power supply. This is turning out to be one expensive graphics card. I bet its all because of that kitten post ... (This story is in fact true unlike the kitten post just in case any of you guys are wondering)
  13. q1w2e88

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    I realy wanted to go to this one but sudden IRL stuff popped up and unfortunately that's more important :/ I hope you guys had a great time. I wish i was there. Next boss there's no excuse... Ill be there
  14. q1w2e88

    Skill Comp 3: Runecrafting

    I'll do anything. I like to make sure no one has the shame of coming last, that's my job :P
  15. q1w2e88

    New kitten :3

    by jove she got it :P it took people a while to read still a cute pic though :D

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