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  1. This is a forum thread for my own photo's, feel free to post your own tattoo pictures (make sure as spoilers, so people can choose to look at your photos (I'll look at them all though :D )) Feel free to look on!!! Blueprint that was freehanded: That took an hour, standing (lol) This is the fun part: 3 hours:
  2. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 102 - Runecraft

    wont be aroun this weekend, or next, but plz plz pvm comp sometime july!!!!
  3. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 101- Divination

    I think hayles may have mentioned this, but yeh. PVM comp plz!!! total kills of a boss, gwd corp, qbd or kbd would be awesome :)
  4. M a ss a

    Sal's Yearbook

    In my defense from Clue, I will accept any award :D as if you win an award Clue has promised 1 bond to each of the winners. I also think we should have billionaire club, Either run by Martin, or by the Bank of Martin, as martin is the only one who can run it. And given time, hopefully i can sign this wall mic has somewhere...... CATEGORIES: Richest: Most invested: Least with a life: Most hours played: Oldest account: (has to be proven! :D ) Best treasure trail hunter: (i didn't call it clues, as Clue will not win this. he couldn't find a haystack lost around a needle.) Otherwise, i don't have any more.
  5. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 95 - Dungeoneering

    It's Dg weekend, so Dg comp! I'm in for any though :)
  6. Dates are in screenie. but i think week 194.
  7. M a ss a

    Army of One - Completionist Cape, Vorago slaying

    I'm in for rago as always, and I think I've become dedicated Bomb tank, which is no issue for me. I would also prefer if we limited our clan kills to at least clan members with appropriate gear, ts/skype and can listen... Just so our kills have a higher chance of success.
  8. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 92 - Divination

    im on hunter :) need tht motherlode maw req. in on anything though, div is also a req lol
  9. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 91 - Slayer

    I'm in for anything :D
  10. Mmk. missed a few posts. so here's a couple :D I'm not sure on the date, but it's my 15'th cap. This is 16th cap. date in pic. (above would be week before (dunno if posted)).
  11. M a ss a

    Army of One - Completionist Cape, Vorago slaying

    I will be there. as long as I'm around sunday. For rago: i have some experience, if you guys wanted to, i can be GBT, As i have tons of tanking experience, either at nex, kk (also voked). I'll try to get in a few more kills, to know what im doing a bit better :)
  12. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 88 - Ranged

    we didnt get ranged comp :( lets try again :D\ In anything though :) idm dung either... need 115.
  13. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 87 - Woodcutting

    I voted ranged as well, have some fun comp. I'm in for everything though
  14. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 86 - Thieving

    sign me up, dunno how well i'll do.
  15. M a ss a

    Vorago practice - March 6-7

    if i come, which is not probable, is death lotus armour and darts good, or pernix and darts?
  16. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 80 - Non-Combat

    massa is in :D no matter what plz
  17. I've decided to make this to track my kills, and drops! I'm going to do 100 Kills of each boss from where they are now, along with hunting for boss pets! Goals: 7261 total boss kills, and 100 of each boss kill (adding hardmode and reg. mode together (ex. Giant mole 6+16=22 total kills) Edit: as a challenge, (I want to say from clue) I will do all bosses except for ROTS Vorago, KK, and maybe nex solo. This is to see how long, and the potential profit from doing it from scratch. Read all these as 0 for the moment, and i will state when 100 kills of each boss is obtained. If you have any challenges, that are within reason that you want me to do, feel free to post below :) will try to get at least a screenshot of the attempt.
  18. M a ss a

    Final Boss Title along with pets!

    Drop #1, Dks kill #21, Saradomin kills 436 and 448 :D
  19. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 78 - Thieving

    im in for whatever, ill jsut have to mass :D preferably a skill im 95+ in
  20. M a ss a

    Another event bites the dust

    pretty much all those times work for me! and I would love to join. if someone just notifies me when event starts, i'll gladly join
  21. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 77 - Ranged

    im in for whatever. (voted ranged)
  22. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 76 - Dungeoneering

    Im in for anything, as usual, forget im even participating, but hey, if its a cb skill, ill participate :P put me in :D voted magic*
  23. not sure what my last post was, but here is my 12th and 13th cap to be sure. 35.1k total resources #12 Cap #13

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