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  1. Week 73, cap #11, 29700 resources! Date for verification
  2. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 73 - Hunter

    throw me in, hunter preferred!
  3. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 72 - Thieving

    I'm in as always :P
  4. M a ss a

    How hard are these bosses?

    Rene, I am always willing to help you with any boss, i myself have not killed Vorago, but am always looking for a team, Legiones appear to be super easy to me, and they can be duo'd, which we can do whenever :D KK- I have done this with sals a few times, and isnt that bad, as we have pulledtogether a decent team sometimes! ROTS- Never done, and always looking for a team, ik people will let you pay for spots to carry you through a kill. Araxxor - I have managed to get to final phase quite easily, I advise doing it when the bottom path is open, I'll do it next weekend or when it's open and your on, afterwards ill willingly walk you through! Otherwise, PM me as always, anyone, if you need help, or have a team, or need a +1 for whatever it is your doing!
  5. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 71 - Woodcutting

    I voted woodcutting, just if anyone wants to pm me ingame when the comp starts, and which it is, id be v grateful. ty ty :D Put me in no matter what btw.
  6. Last weeks cap, will be doing my 11th later on. cap #10 total resources= 27000
  7. M a ss a

    Fight Kiln

    I got the ranged cape, and the override cape,idm taking screenshots of both, and Rene, want me to send you some set-ups or anything? since ik your pro at this
  8. M a ss a

    Zamorak Solo Guide

    poison purge Just needs 1 overall read-through, to tell if it makes sense. Otherwise, pretty good!
  9. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 69 - Agility

    Im in no matter what, but preference: i voted agility.... but honestly could care less. dung would be very nice too.
  10. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 68 - Overall

    im in too please :D
  11. M a ss a

    Armadyl Solo Guide!

    So, i would like to say, that me and Rene are highly willing to write more guides together, we are currently writing a K'ril solo guide, if anyone has tips, just message ME, and i will look it over, sending it to rene after I look over it. All advice/combat tips/setups are always welcome! *pictures would be extremely helpful, and highly regarded. Guaranteed credit :D * All advice you send, if it ends up in the article, we will try to give consideration as best we can!
  12. Week 170? cap #9 total resources= 24300
  13. Week 168, cap #8! 8x2700=21600 :D
  14. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 65 - Slayer

    I voted slay, cuz what else. sign me up for anything anyways lol
  15. 167, and my 7th cap. Sorry for the splitscreen of game of thrones...
  16. 161, and cap #6 (i say so easier to keep track....)
  17. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 57 - Fishing

    Sign me up plz :D ill see how much i can do.
  18. 159? and my 4th cap btw. i expect ranks :3
  19. M a ss a


    I thought this might be entertaining to see how far people are willing to insult a boss,and whether its a boss or a player. RULES: No swearing, as maturity reasons, Try not to die, but dying while insulting looks funny. All bosses are free game!!!
  20. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 55 - Thieving

    im down for anything. always sign me up :D Even if im not home this weekend lol
  21. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 54 - Slayer

    SIGN ME UP PLZ DEI. Ik im a little late...
  22. M a ss a

    Skill Competition 40 - Special Comp

    COUNT ME IN FOR SLAYER :D or all non-buyables/no dung
  23. So this is my second cap... i expect a rank lol

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