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  1. *has opinion*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Egghebrecht


      how dare you assume someone's gender???

    3. Twist of Fate

      Twist of Fate

      Hey listen buddy

    4. Morte



  2. Cody Michael

    Guess whos back :D

    Back again Soppster's back Tell a friend :P welcome back man.
  3. Cody Michael

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    We're in similar boats. I really dislike Hillary's allegations and I really dislike Trump overall. Most of Hillary's policies I'm on board with, but my thing is, with the allegations I'm having a very difficult time trusting her. And Trump doesn't have any political experience so I can't be on board with a complete rookie running the country. I looked at the third parties too and they're all garbage. I'm just gonna vote for Vermin Supreme or Deez Nuts and be on my way.
  4. Cody Michael

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    I don't like literally any of the candidates this year. Major party and third party. First election I can actually participate in and all the choices are garbage and making me want to abstain.
  5. Cody Michael

    Active Sals Members

    Or great things.
  6. I got broads in Rellekka.

    1. Jj Dynomite

      Jj Dynomite

      I get broads in Entrana Penda Penda Penda Penda

  7. Cody Michael

    Cody Michael's Skill Log

    Incredibly late but with a good excuse: got members back! Also, racing Cart's ironman to 99 fm. 94 as of post.
  8. Cody Michael

    Pokemon GO

    I've been out a total of what, 4 hours today? And I've got 17 different Pokemon.
  9. Cody Michael

    Happy Birthday Salmoneus

    Happy birthday Sal!
  10. Cody Michael

    Pokemon GO

    I know I'm not the only one on this. I just started this morning and Jesus it's addicting. Valor Gang tho.
  11. Cody Michael

    Cody Michael's Skill Log

    Cleaned out my bank of f2p items so I can actually do things on my main until I get members, and since then I've been doing so much high alching to make some money. That being said, who wants to give me some bonds? :D
  12. Cody Michael

    What's happening with the website/forums

    I don't know about this helping the website, it could help indirectly though. But to keep the Sals community going, I've noticed Facebook groups are a fantastic lane to chase for every genre. Literally the exact opposite of what Chaoss said is happening for forums is happening for Facebook groups. It's probably a convenience thing.
  13. Cody Michael

    Cody Michael's Skill Log

    Well I'm gonna try to make updates a weekly thing. Thursdays. Hopefully I at least get a ball rolling to shock some life into skill logs.
  14. Cody Michael

    Steam sales

    The closest store to me that sold Steam wallet cards, which was actually in walking distance, packed up and left the week before the sale started. Divine intervention.

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