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  1. Composition

    Hidden Christmas Event

    how is it hidden if its out in the open??
  2. Composition


    i feel so stupid, sorry, its Erin Heatherton
  3. Composition

    Death Of Sal's

    what is that supposed to mean :( :D
  4. Composition


    i kinda have a girl crush on her
  5. Composition

    Talk Serious With Comic Sans

    i defy you all there i got it that time
  6. Composition

    What Gives Guys

    we dont put any up.. :(
  7. Composition

    Name Announcement

    im no longer Jethraw because i was apparently personating (even though i asked? oh well :P i like this name too). yup just letting you guys know im Composition again! <_< :(
  8. People come here to dream, not to sleep. Inception. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. link to this instead
  9. Composition

    Best Pvp Game

    i would really try runescape pvp again before you completley dismiss it. i had lots of as a low level player!!
  10. Composition

    Sal's Is Stealing The New Year!

    im sorry i missed this! it looked likea lot of fun. i hope you all had fun though!!
  11. Composition

    High Ping On All Games.

    there is a high chance your internet is being hijacked by a virus or other person. i would immediately put a secure password on your network
  12. Composition


    after some googling i came up with this (click here).. does this help?
  13. Composition

    Talk Serious With Comic Sans

    i defy you allfont]
  14. Composition


    can someone explain FLYFF to someone who hasnt played (or heard!!) of it before?
  15. Composition

    Editing Signature

    thank you that worked this may be closed now

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