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  1. clocks

    Working Towards 99 Wcing

    Goodluck! I never had the patience to woodcut myself O_O
  2. clocks

    Benno's Log of rs things

    Good luck on 120 dung! 104m exp...thats like 52 chaotics o.o
  3. clocks

    Choccy's Log - 3000 Castle War Games

    Nice 109 dung o.o Im jealous i gotta admit :X
  4. clocks

    92 Crafting And 2,200 Total Level!

    Wow nice! must've cost quite a bit :X
  5. clocks

    99 Dung!

    gratz! I'm definitely thinking of trying for 99 sometime.
  6. clocks

    119 Dung

    Gratz! and good luck on hitting 120. The cape is really cool imo :(
  7. clocks

    Ashes, Ashes, Ashes (x30k)

    Congratz o.o should work on turmoil myself sometime...
  8. clocks

    Reached 90+ Smithing... Only 9 To Go! :d

    Gratz and gl on getting 99 :(
  9. clocks

    100m Total Exp + 91 Smithing

    Congratz on the smithing level and exp :( nice total level as well
  10. clocks

    Ritual Of The Mahjarrat

    Quest was awesome :( gotta love the mahjarrat.
  11. clocks

    Behind The Scenes - October

    Looking forward to this tower thing, other than that not too exciting :( Though the event might be nice.
  12. clocks

    What Should I Prioritise First?

    I'd go with chaotics first, they are so useful. After that i'd get herblore, then prayer and finally summoning. But thats just me :(
  13. Heard this on scrubs, now I can't listen to it without thinking of scrubs. O.O
  14. clocks

    Can't Email A Member?

    Thanks a ton people! :(
  15. clocks

    Can't Email A Member?

    Well this player hasn't logged onto sals recently so I figured email would be a better way to contact them. And how do I become a forum member rather a new member?

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