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  1. 7734

    Getting to maxed..

    Wow, how long did you play?? I had friends over for the few days previous so our sleeping pattern was none existant, so I played a very, VERY long time. :3 It's now my second highest exp gain in 1 day on Runetrack ^^ Fortunatly my friends also play Runescape, so it's socially acceptable to be AFKing while we play on other games =D
  2. 7734

    Getting to maxed..

    Thanks for the info guys ^^ I've got 96 mining and 92 thieving now, I'm steaming through! =D According to Runetrack I also made a whopping 1.2 million mining exp yesterday... o_o
  3. 7734

    Getting to maxed..

    Herrow. Atm I'm 2434 total, so I'm pretty close to maxed, which has been an aim of mine for a while =D My only skills under 99 are, Mining - 95 Fishing - 93 Thieving - 91 Hunter - 91 Runecrafting - 91 Construction - 91 I know how I'm going to get most of them to 99, however I have a question about a couple and I'm wondering if this lovley forum could help me ^^ Mining is easy, Living Rock Caverns to 99, simple, just takes some time Fishing is one of the ones that is a question, do I do fly fishing and drop, dungeoneering fishing (C2 rushes) or barbarian fishing and low alch dem fishies? Thieving is PP, I'm not sure of any other way that is anywhere near as effective apart from monkey knife fighters, however they're boring as sin :( Hunter is another question, do I catch butterflies which I can just about bare doing, or force myself to do jadinkos that I dispise? Runecrafting, I'm pretty sure that node hunting in Runespan is the only way foward for this Construction, I have 99 banked with Mahogany, go me ^^ Any input would be massivly apreciated ^-^
  4. 7734

    universe is beautiful

    Wow, this makes me want to spend less time in the top level of Runespan ^^
  5. 7734

    Insta Mute, don't get caught out!

    Write down "what comes before [second]?", wait 5-10 mins and relog, that should work since it's exactly what I did. For the record, I got the mute lifted a few hours later though. :) And also, you can still see your chat when you're muted, however others can't.
  6. (Firstly, I'm not 100% sure what forum this should be under, however this seems most suitable ^^) As a few people know, there are certain things that when said in-game, instantly mute you, even without being reported. Recently people have found out that if you say, "[first]" (without quotation marks, of course), you will get automatically muted for 2 days. I believe it's something to do with gambling websites or some other thing. So, what certain people did, was ask a person, "Hey, would you like a riddle?", the player accepts, then they ask "What comes before [second]?" If the player replied with "First?", they would be asked to try again, untill they said "[first]", and upon saying that, they would get automatically muted for 2 days. However, my friend messaged me in-game about someone asking them really obscure riddles, and he said I would never guess what they asked, and I asked, "What comes before [second]?" And for saying just those words, without any context, I got a 2 day mute. Not going to mention any personal feelings about the "instamute system", however just so people know, it's probably best if you just don't mention anything about instamute related things, even in pm's to your friends. =p

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