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  1. Dugorithon

    US gun debate: Obama unveils gun control proposals

    Holy hell, this kind of debate is the reason politics is so f#$%ed up these days... I just wanna move to Norway or something and get away from all the mudflinging both conservatives and liberals are doing -_-
  2. Dugorithon

    Draynor Sewers updates

    Hey, at least it's not another demotivational poster..
  3. Dugorithon


    In short: more prestige from rushing lower-level floors = more dungeoneering xp upon completing the deepest floors you can access.
  4. Dugorithon

    EoC Revamp... F2P Equipment and more?

    A wand in combination with a book is good up to a certain point. Unfortunately, the way the game works, good equipment across the board starts to thin out the further you go in level. That applies to every class of armor and weapon, especially mage since the Staff of Light and Polypore are P2P-only. If you stick with a wand and a book, however, you wouldn't be any worse off.
  5. Dugorithon

    Which skill I should train now?

    Mining is both useful and profitable if you have the patience for it.
  6. Dugorithon

    A question about game engines.

    True words of wisdom here, my friend. I've just gotta find out what that starting word is...
  7. Dugorithon

    A question about game engines.

    Interesting input from these last two posts.. now that I think about it, lore writing is more within my area of expertise than actual design of a game. I might get settled in a journalistic editing career before going off on this game design tangent.
  8. Dugorithon

    EoC Revamp... F2P Equipment and more?

    At 80 magic the polypore staff easily steals that accolade. Pro tip. You need 75 magic to use a polypore staff and at 80 chaotic staff is better. Good point there, but realistically chaotics take a long time to get, and the built-in spell from the polypore staff, which is above par for its level DPS-wise, requires 80 magic to use.
  9. Dugorithon

    Metal Thread

    Once everyone returns to this thread after holiday festivities, everyone should go check out this here link: http://dyptgripende.bandcamp.com/ A father-son experimental black metal project that I run with my dad just put up a demo song there.
  10. Dugorithon

    EoC Revamp... F2P Equipment and more?

    At 80 magic the polypore staff easily steals that accolade. Pro tip.
  11. Dugorithon

    A question about game engines.

    Good suggestion, thanks! I might still make it a role playing shooter, but not so massive that people would get overwhelmed by its expansive world. Maybe the iOS.. Who knows..
  12. Dugorithon

    A question about game engines.

    I am serious about it, but I'm barely into writing the lore at this point. I just need some suggestions for good engines to make a game of this kind... most likely a choice between Unreal 3 and Gamebryo.
  13. Dugorithon

    A question about game engines.

    Absolutely none. This will be a very long-term project though, and come to think of it, I'd also like some input on good languages to learn for an engine like Unreal 3 or Gamebryo. Keep in mind that it'll be purely singleplayer.
  14. Dugorithon

    A question about game engines.

    Understood. I'm just throwing the idea out there; it could end up being an iOS game (iphone, ipad, etc) in the future for all I know. I am aware that a game of Fallout's scope is expensive to make, both money-wise and time-wise.
  15. Dugorithon

    A question about game engines.

    My game would offer a game with completely customizable weapons (you make weapons and attach them to your character's arms), as well as the open-world property of games like Fallout. The catch is this: all weapons are degradable, so you have to make new weapons at a somewhat frequent rate. Also, you can disassemble weapons into a pile of parts at random.

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