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    Gatineau, Quebec.
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    I love snowboard, as well as playing video games and chilling whit friends. :)

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    Fishing! :D
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  1. SmokeItSon


    Ok, sorry. :D Kinda forgot... i was too happy I guess. XD I got a small gift for you btw. :( ENJOY the 2M. :P
  2. SmokeItSon


    Woot! Got Members again!! :(
  3. SmokeItSon


    Well, Thanks everyone for the welcome's! :P I didin't expect so much. :( This is an amazing community, and indeed Chris is the best name ever. XD. Anyways, I'm not thinking about leaving at all, never seen such a friendly place before and, Sure I will had you Tcmp3. :D
  4. In my opinion, We all make mistakes a day or another. He shouldn't feel guilty, but he should learn from it. If he starts a new account, it's like understanding that botting is bad. Wich could be a good idea. :(
  5. SmokeItSon


    Thank you Guitarguy. :( This is getting better and better. :D
  6. SmokeItSon


    I will Convicious. :( And Thank you Cody. :D
  7. SmokeItSon


    Wow! A platinium award from Jagex? Quite Amazing. :(
  8. SmokeItSon


    I will indeed. I have a lot of things to check on this forum. :( Just finished reading the rules and i'm quite impressed whit the potential that this forum as. :D ( Oh and By the way, I'm french so if there's a word I spell wrong, just tell me! XD. )
  9. SmokeItSon


    I agree whit you, this seems to be an AMAZING place chat and make friends. :( I have yet a lot to learn about this forum, but i'll get trough it quite easy as ussuall. Thx for inviting me here by the way. I'm quite honored. :D
  10. SmokeItSon


    Hello, you can call me Chris, I'm 16 and I describe myself as chill and funny. I hate all violence since i've bin in gangs and stuff... ( I don't really wanna talk about this. :P ) Sometimes I might speak about things that may be offensive to some players. If so, just tell me, i'll change subject. :D I might not be on allot neither, since I work and I go to school, but i will try being available as often as I can. Btw, if you ever have any problems in real life or just in game, you can pm me. I listen to ppl and I can give good advices. I also got trough allot of stuff in my life, such as drugs addictions, so you can count on me to cheer you up. Well, that's about it. If you have any questions, just ask me. Thank You for reading this and have a wonderfull day. :(

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