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    Sals ofcourse :D
  1. Chloor

    trump fans only

    Pls make america great again.
  2. I'll be thrilled honestly when it comes out, trading as it is now in osrs is just a hassle now. Haven't played osrs now since quite a while all because of the trading system. Definetly going back when it comes out.
  3. Chloor

    Gocart gets 200M Crafting

    Soz, had no idea you were vidding. :/ gz again tho cart
  4. Don't remember you either, but welcome back regardless. :)
  5. This was from last week: This is from the current week:
  6. Chloor

    Poor graphics and speed

    clear jagex cache idk
  7. Chloor

    Magic Notepaper

    Seems op as hell tbh
  8. Chloor

    7 years

    Hey, alles goed? :D Ik ken u wel ni, maar 't kost niks om beleefd te zijn eh. Oh by the way, 7 jaren is wel zot lang o.o. Dikke veteran nzo. :)

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