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  1. Self assembly and I already have a monitor and speaker system. But I'm open to recommendations of pre-builts too if anyone has one they feel particularly strongly about recommending.
  2. Hey guys, I came here about 3 or more years back asking for some advice on a new computer build. Albeit I wasn't much of a listener as I had a minuscule budget. I ended up buying a computer for around $180 and honestly it served me well for around 2 years after on medium settings for most games, so in all it was a decent temporary fix until I had managed to save up more disposable income. I got great advice from this community before, although I'm not sure if these boards are overly active anymore. Just thought I'd ask what's your opinion on a rough build within the $1000 range (I'm UK based though, so Amazon prices etc may differ). Cheers.
  3. Gnomercy

    Thoughts on these specs?

    It would have been available for £360 but the offer is now over unfortunately. But you're right, I could probably build a better computer for less than that.
  4. I'm thinking of buying a new computer with these specs: Acer Aspire M1935 Desktop PC Intel Core i3 2120 @ 3.3GHz 12GB DDR3 RAM 2TB HDD, AmD HD 7350 @ 1GB RAM Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Let me know what you think (preferably in the next 2 hours, if possible). I would intend on using it for gaming too. Thanks very much!
  5. Gnomercy

    New computer

    I've got a problem. Newegg don't ship to the UK...
  6. Gnomercy

    New computer

    That's a good point as well. For instance the parts I currently have would be absolutely fine as an office/ storage computer. I'm just trying to think of different ways to get funding, that's all.
  7. Gnomercy

    New computer

    Alright thanks. This is for application on a new cooling system, isn't it? Also, would you recommend that I sold some of the parts I am replacing, just to help towards funding this upgrade?
  8. Gnomercy

    New computer

    This stuff? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Arctic-Silver-ArctiClean-Material-Purifier/dp/B000BKP306. And also is MX-2 similar to Arctic Silver 5?
  9. Gnomercy

    New computer

    I know they're not overly reliable, but it also got 4 eggs this time, and the reviews seem to be very positive. I take it I should buy this first then PSU, as it will enable me to use my computer again?
  10. Gnomercy

    New computer

    In your opinion, is the Antec or Corsair better value for money?
  11. Gnomercy

    New computer

    I noticed the Hyper 212 got 5 star (or eggs) and the H40 only got 3?
  12. Gnomercy

    New computer

    Will both of these work with my current CPU and this one? http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.985159 And also Bob, is this the CPU I should upgrade to, and not i7?
  13. Gnomercy

    New computer

    Also meant to say, I'm looking for a new heatsink (or Liquid CPU Cooler) Any recommendations on the best option at an reasonably low price? Preferably something that would work with my current processor/ motherboard, as well as my new one when I upgrade.
  14. Gnomercy

    New computer

    I don't know how to reseat the CPU. And you put thermal paste under the heatsink, don't you? Also, I've cleaned out all the dust from the desktop (including all the fans) but it's still overheating. I think it's my heatsink is the problem. (Spire 12V)
  15. Gnomercy

    Possible overheating problem?

    I think my heatsink my be part of the problem. Current: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Spire-CPU-COOLERS-12V-/110817551035#ht_500wt_1081 I have 2 spare as well: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TAISOL-12VDC-Heatsink-Fan-/350526554025#ht_3944wt_931 And I still need to check what the other one is. Perhaps buying a new one would be a good idea? After extensive cleaning of all fans and all over the PC, as well as tucking wires away as best possible, after 5 minutes up time I'm on ~65C with the chassis side open.

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