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  1. Fox Totem

    Elite Dungeons - Dev Blog 23/07/2018

    Everyone is going to have their own clan avatar? Either way finally something to do with all those orts I have.
  2. Fox Totem

    RunePass - Ocean's Bounty

    Has the Rubicon finally been crossed?
  3. Fox Totem

    Temple of Aminishi | Elite Dungeon

    Personally I think a little more is required to participate in The Temple of Aminishi Elite Dungeon than the completion of the quest 'Impressing the Locals'
  4. Fox Totem

    Menaphos Birthday Celebrations

    I sincerely hope that the cursed ushabti is not the corrupted slayer helm update that was supposed to have happened in May.
  5. Fox Totem

    Rebuilding Edgeville

    Perhaps they should have a contest for a new name. Edgeville hasn't been edgy since the ge arrived
  6. bye bye rocktail soup? I don't understand why the feedback button. It's too vague or too silly - like why would one play the game if one did not enjoy it?
  7. Fox Totem

    Return of the Mimic Boss

    Player favourite? I never heard of it.
  8. Fox Totem

    Month Ahead: February '18

    At least now I know why someone in the clan chat recently said to wait to do the Giant Oyster = clue scroll overhaul
  9. Fox Totem

    Auras | Bakriminel Bolts

    Last summer I disassembled many a bakriminel bolts that had been sitting in the bank since before eoc but at least there is finally aura management.
  10. Fox Totem

    Vic the Trader | Hati, Sk├Âll & Fenrir

    The Valkyrie would make a nice title to go along with the spear and helm.
  11. Fox Totem

    The Year Ahead: 2018

    For some reason I do not mind smithing/mining. If they are going to add more ores to smithing/mining perhaps they should bump rune up and keep it one of the highest ores. It is RUNEscape after all. (I am not sure what that will do to Dragon Slayer quest) Will dragon ore become and be smeltable/smithable? WIll the update include more and better arrowheads and bolts?
  12. Fox Totem

    The Year Ahead: 2018

    Tier 92 crossbows and updated bakriminel bolts, a hexhunter bow to use against magic, auras out of the bank, and an updated clan citadel? Amoung other things. I hope it all works.
  13. Fox Totem

    The G-Nome Project

    This one I liked better than other recent holiday events. At least I finally got to give Thurgo another redberry pie (I tried to a few times after finishing The Knight's Sword bitd)
  14. Fox Totem

    December Mega-Patch

    That is quite a long list. "Removing furniture within a player-owned house will now offer a "yes and don't ask me again" option. This resets when logging out."
  15. Fox Totem

    Combat Pets | Premier Club

    Except for the free weekend it is updates like this that make me wish I had changed my name to Dilligaf when I had the chance.

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