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  1. Lord Saren

    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    This is why I didn't vote for you in the PCC elections. What Pcc elections ?. I just recently returned to this site after getting a Email. And about the Rape thing in Prison.. Well that is what I feel every person deserves when they harm a child or kill one. maybe some more brutal punishments like getting stones throwned at them by community memebrs affected and other things. That is not unreasonble.. Children are inncoent
  2. Lord Saren

    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    I wish the man was found alive . So that when he went to jail all the other innmates would beat him senseless. Maybe even stabb him a few hundren times and do other horrible things to him while the guards watched and did nothing but he killed himself because he knew he would get a beating and maybed raped in prison like he deserves to be . Because This sick love-child deserves nothing and I hope he is in hell where he is getting burned alive repeatly over and over again for his crimes. It really makes me angry when some sick person kills children. Children are inncoent and for them to lose their lifes because of some sick love-child its heartbreaking. and I wish that if i could have anything that I would bring those children back from the dead because they are inncoent in all of this
  3. Yeah sorry about bad Grammer.. I did right that after all in the morning. Eh but still my points stands - The Republians today are Radicals that will harm this country not make it stronger.
  4. If they taught Judeo-Christian principles in those colleges and universities, they would be stripped of every dollar. If they teach radical secular ideology, they get all the government support that they can possibly give them. Because you know 62 percent of children who enter college with a faith conviction leave without it." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why In the world would I want to go to a college that lectured me about Juedo Christan Principles ?. I mean if I wanted that.. I would just go to a Theology college or something like that.Clearly this man is a Radical that wants to force people to be taught about Christananty I mean does he even care about other Relgions that are in the country ?. . That Everyone must be Judeo Christan and it must be taught in our schools. Hmm but what if your not Christan.. Why must someone be lecutred and taught its principles in college and his line of thinking every school ?. The Republian party has some Really scary radicals running for President. From Newt (( how do you even spell is last name ? )). Who policys are just insane. He wants to force children to work so they can learnt he value of money and working ?. Last i checked that was the Job of parents not goverment. The only Non Radcial is Ron Paul who has some really good points on many things. To bad the Right wing Media (( Fox news )) only talk about Romney (( Most Anchors are rooting for him. And they suppose to be un Bias )). And Newt (( Late night shows support him )). And lets not forget Sarah who thinks she can see Russia from her state. She wants newt to win although she has not Endorsed anyone (( Yeah saying people to vote for him is not endorsing ?. Right )) I Really hope Obama wins. Just to shut the Radicals up and maybe then. The Republian party will finally put people on the ballot that will acually help Amercia not make it a Christan nation (( I dont mind christianty. But i dont want to be forced to learn its Principles )) .
  5. Lord Saren

    New Membership Pricing

    Indeed. But I think that is because she did not personally know every single Answer to every Question.
  6. Lord Saren

    New Membership Pricing

    As Quoted by Mod Poppy RE - game cards. The price of game cards WILL be increasing, when we next reprint them. However, any of the existing stock in the stores will remain at the existing price. You can buy as many as you wish at this price, but you can only apply a certain number to your account at one time. However, any you have can be applied at a later date, even if you bought them at the older price.
  7. Lord Saren

    New Membership Pricing

    All Good points.
  8. Lord Saren

    New Membership Pricing

    The main issue with quest reqs like that is they do nothing to make the game fun. Challenging is only good if it's fun. Training shouldn't drive me to want to do physics homework. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yeah but most master or Grand master Quests have high requirements that often include doing other quests. So having a 90 Fire making Requirement is not unusual as most Master or Grand Master Quests have high requirements. Although I agree on 90 being very high.. Why not lower it to like 80 or so ?. Because getting to 90 takes forever to do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I shouldn't have no life for hours every day to get a level, and that's ignoring time included to make the money to begin with if you're not some merchanting/dicing/pking wizard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Point noted. not unless they give us a better way to train fire making and other skills.
  9. Lord Saren

    New Membership Pricing

    We've had 3 weeks of updates this year - a fantastic, though admittedly glitchy quest. A fantastic graphical update, and a well received XP booster. Horrible? Hah. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lets See.. The Quest that was changed because a few complained it was to high of a level to do. Which by the way.. Why change it to make it lower Fire making.. Why cant people just work on their skills to get the requirement for the Quest. Yes I admit I do not even have the levels for it yet. But I would rather earn it rather than having it lowered . The Graphical update I could say it was half and half. I do not mind having a little circle over my head. But why change what everything looks like ?. Yes I could get used to it.. But what was wrong with everything before ?. And Why do they not fix the lag and other problems ?. And I know about those minor fixes. But are they really from the players or where they just problems that Jagex found and decided to fix. But their are still a lot of glitch that are not fixed. Have they fix the issue with ivy that it disappears and wont re appear even though it says you can chop it down ?. That is a glitch i believe And I am not afraid of change. I do not mind some of the changes and updates. But it would be nice to have some problems fixed before adding new content that creates its own set of problems. But now they raise the prices.. I think this might Discourage people from joining Rs . Because now its looking like we are getting up their in prices to other online games
  10. Lord Saren

    New Membership Pricing

    Well Honesty I think Jagex is just going to push people away from this game. With the bots are the return and the horrible updates that you give us. Why would we want to pay more for even more pointless updates and the bot battle that you said the Nuke would take care of. And Yet each day more and more bots are appearing . But some will say that is not true.. But look at the spots that where empty and now are full once again and you tell me. Have bots returned or not. The updates so far this year have been horrible and yet they say you have good updates in the work's ?. Does these updates mean more pointless ones like the recent one. Where they change something that does not need to be change. Where they add things that don't need to be added ?. Why don't they have a update that fixes lag or any other type of problem that us Players ask you to fix... Why give us more content without fixing the problems we have with the current content.. Hence why the lag is getting worse and so is the Fps. But lets see what happens before May. Do they fix your problems or add more.. IF theyadd more.. Well then that is expected. Hopefully they will fix problems and add decent updates.
  11. Lord Saren

    Ron Paul 2nd In Iowa Poll Behind Ging

    In All honesty this is a good thing. Newt is a Radial republican who wants to sack Judges that made ruling not in his favor. Ron Paul is the only Republican i really like all the rest are like part of the tea party and think they can fix everything in the world by war. I mean Michale backaman or however you spell her name belives everything the Un Says. But goes after the current president for trying to be peaceful. I fear if Newt or Bacckman wins we might have a war with Iran because of their beliefs. So Ron paul should win Iowa and maybe get the Nomination. Most of his political views seem to be practical
  12. Lord Saren

    Kim Jong Il, Leader Of North Korea.. Dead.

    He Pretty much starved his people while he build palaces and live in luxury. What is funny is that how his people are crying for him and saying while he had to die. But they could die and their * Great Cough leader * did not even care about them only that he had nukes. So in a way his death is a blessing to the north Korean people who deserve to be Free. Now if only the Supreme leader of Iran was to pass on to the next life. Then the world will really be rejoicing. Although who would take the Throne after him is beyond me. But the man needs to go for many reasons.
  13. Lord Saren

    The Flash Powder Factory

    I never understood why they changed it. why was it so necessary to change it from what it was originally ?. I mean they did not even ask us how we felt about the change they just do it
  14. Lord Saren

    Sal's Freeplay New Year's Drop Party!

    I will try to be their for the event. It sounds so cool !

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