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  1. Merry Xmas n A Happy new Year everyone xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Sobend


      Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Supersal69

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  3. I am not logged into my account, seems ive been hacked again, do not interact with my account please

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    2. Supersal69


      love u bw xx

    3. Joshinator_7


      If there is anything I can do to help just ask.

    4. mikeyy


      Sorry to bump this, but here's a nice thread that shows the issue is not with jagex.


  4. Supersal69

    You put those hours in, and look at what you get.

    GZ xxx hope jagex play nice n let me play soon? missing my friends
  5. Supersal69

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Be glad you can play babe N gz xxx
  6. Supersal69

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  7. Supersal69

    Super Caping

    This beautiful topic will be back when jagex lets me play again???????????????? Seems paying for gold prem counts for nothing :mad: :mad:
  8. Supersal69

    Super Caping

    I've decided to try and get a pic of everyone in clan with me in my max cape, and them wearing their favourite cape. By this I mean stood side by side in game you wearing your fave cape so I can screenie So if you see me in game lemme know if you wanna participate. Love to all XXX Below is a link to my new Caping spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Hl7Fy6hGl9ZcpE-gxhg6eHKRtI3CV7dkcO3giyCqPTU/edit?usp=sharing Lets start in style :P The next 2 are what inspired me to do this Smile and the whole world smiles with you Baconeater7, must be 90+ degrees to wear that outfit Is Sk8 cooking rabbit stew Tiroshi fires up his first 99 cape Am I in Heaven cos I see an Angel Heller lot of snow here, guess 10 year olds love it tho Massa hits home his point in that farm hat Iam not alone Milow has Royal connections Mic popped by to walk the Reef All Clued up on potions it seems Carticus the Crafty is on staff Aquilae has got the seasoning wrong Purrfect crafting xp at the citadel no reefs in sight tho JNA (just noobs around?) He kills me doing that lol Bwauder RS grind, Citadel time then Kaos in this magical place Tyger Tyger burning bright, praying that the wings hold tight Pyrocart is a fiery one Pride of Demons rears up to prey on his foe Sir Mixalot of Chaos loves it here, its in his constitution Belgian chocolates I think they'd melt with that cape All of a Sudden, Poke slides in to mount an attack Nxy in the cape I would slay him for given the chance Leo roars up within range Sobend's a legend Dei and I getting board Army marches on Managed to get a pic of our glorious leader All Hail SALMONEOUS Kes is fishing for compliments Mohorak needs a trim Taker building himself up Biss has a fest for life on the edge Gotta Luv the Power you get stealing the show Smiley takes a Bow Wilson's hoping the next skill is cabbage patch dung Byz is summoning his strength for the next 120 Wrong Chat! I'd never do that Smiley's glad now Summer's at an End Fabio's killing time in Draynor Gerrard's a giant among Legends Nit is catching me up Rad is planting idea's for the future Gasp hard as you Spring into action Kart is a Priest of War for Zamorak Gorajo's on a quest to make the citadel look great Atila's waiting for a new foe to surface NDY surveys his new house plot Leaf is a complete pro at e scaping It's Unkown whether Obsidan rocks Aza a slayer gotta say he must be pretty good Army looks Divine at this location Blake's Attacking 120's left right and centre Big Leb cuts to the chase Tasha still Reigns supreme after 5 years Nathan's looking for a crafty way out of the Citadel Rene is a Golden child of War I was here Defending the Realm MFI pots he best foot forward Josh Wispers his secrets to success Carticus Maximus Army's baking me a cape Purr just smelts my heart Milow's kilning me softly Tiki Runes this Craft in style Fausto Woodn't believe how easy this was Mic Strengthens his resolve Sippy Floors it to 99 Angel's a Priest of War Bandos Beast powers through to first Clue Tok a long Haar look for Mej Dimo's a competent Combatant Rene Summs up his steel titan requirements Army's such a Classic scaper Mic brews up a Saradomin War Priest Tovius's Quest for a big ass weapon is Complete Rene’s keeping his spirt up Taker jumps for joy Josh hunts down the next Xp gains Warlock comps the waiter Tabt gets there on a wing and a prayer Bika’s band prays for war Angel got his summs correct Rad is feeling the heat Omni presents his killer instinct Mikey is a free man ik Pvmer says mage my day punk Dei cooked up a storm for this Rene’s Arma warps Taker gathers xp the afk way Maxinator 7 Army finally proves he is completely competent Beefy steers in another 99 Clue says this cape is all mine Angel shoots n kills all in range I am a cup of tea, it makes me feel complete byzy byzy byzy 1 2 3 Ain’t no pocket deep enough Ain’t no rock thats hard enough Ain’t no monster tough enough to cape you from me Jooooosh says this cape is mine, please don’t rune it Gemma is no div in this nation Army’s art is sans equal Josh is dung dung dung dung done with dung Dei don’t half pick his moments to swipe another 120 Kamil reels that Max in closer I’m ferrous is a wicked ironman Teh Skillpr0 is leaning towards a life of crime Flora 21 spreads the word she's here to hurt Zcorp cuts it fine to his first 99 Bertis life, points to good things to come BertIs wife looks clantastic promoting Sal’s Realm Clue rips off his mask to reveal his class
  9. Thank you to everyone for the kind messages regarding my dad, glad to say his scan has given him the all clear altho the consultant oncologist has given him an intense course of radiation treatment just to be on the safe side, thx again all xxx

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    2. Joshinator_7


      I'm so glad to hear that sal. :)



    3. Smilefishy


      Glad to hear!

    4. Young Leo

      Young Leo

      This is great news, Sal

  10. my dad has a scan on sunday to make sure he is cancer free after chemo so please send good thoughts i'd really appreciate it

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    2. Conspicuous


      Good luck to your dad mate

    3. Joshinator_7


      I will be thinking of you and your dad, hope it goes well

    4. Arianna


      Hope it went well :)

  11. Supersal69

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  12. Supersal69

    Lily's Log To Something...

    Hey look your back .......................is covered in zits Lol nice to see the name change babe Mucho love xxxxxxx
  13. Supersal69

    Disk Usage Problem

    I shall look into this for you No idea if i will find any help But u r my friend n nuff said Some more stats on comp would help tho u can pm me for privacy
  14. Star Trek timelines. Best app ever imo. I'm totally addicted atm lol

  15. Supersal69

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    New stuff to kill you must be happy Or r u 2 gd 4 gwd2?
  16. Supersal69

    120 #3

  17. Supersal69

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  18. Supersal69

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  19. been hacked :((((

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    2. Nathan


      A wild Micael appears!!

    3. mikeyy


      did you not use jagex guardian or whatever they use nowadays?

    4. Supersal69


      i had jag enabled

  20. I make this week 241 folks
  21. Less than 2 weeks to get me some capes pls peeps

  22. Less than 2 weeks to get me some capes pls peeps

  23. Guess who got 120 dung :D

    1. Young Leo
    2. Sobend


      Alright I saw this status earlier and still haven't figured out the answer to the question. You'll just have to tell me I guess.

    3. Jj Dynomite

      Jj Dynomite

      I wish I gave myself the same humorous remarks as Sobend gives me =/

  24. Supersal69

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    v nice :)

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