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    My interests are tennis, football (or soccer. Call it what you like), track, forums, technology, drawing (sketching), and reading; I'm a reading fanatic.<br />My favourite book of all time is Les Miserables.<br /><br />My life is pretty boring, no? >.<

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  1. Violin


    Match of Federer v. Falla was very entertaining. During the first half, Falla was controlling much of the match...but eh, the ol' Swiss had it in him to pull off a win at the end, as usual.
  2. Well, some people would want the Half Full Jug of Wine for several reasons: It's considered a "rare" item in Runescape since it's discontinued and not many of its kind exists anymore, so it's like owning a limited edition "antique" of Runescape; It's worth a crap load of money in Runescape, so consider yourself a rich man if you happen to have one.
  3. Violin

    New Year Message

    Although Jagex succeeded in giving away little details about the updates in 2010, the new year sounds like it will be a year of many great updates nonetheless. Can't wait to see what the new skill is and the new quests.
  4. Violin

    How Do You Wanna Go?

    Well, there are 2 options of dying that I'll accept for my death: 1. Either dying in peace once I'm recognized for something memorable that I've done (like maybe winning a Nobel Prize or something -.- ). 2. Doing something that people will remember me at my moment of death, whether it's saving a person's life, shooting up a mall, or robbing a bank; any of these will do.
  5. Violin


    If finances are secure for you, then you now have a wide range of options to make a skill lvl. 99. In my opinion, the easiest skills to go for would be either Prayer, Construction, Cooking (definitely easy with money), and maybe Magic (depends on what you do).
  6. Violin

    Who Was Worse?

    To be honest, there really isn't any legitimate way to measure out who was "worse" of the two since it all depends on one's perspective. One can say Stalin was worse based on personal experience, while another can say the same about Hitler based on similar issues. There really is no way to say which one is the lesser evil based on statistics such as death counts, actions, etc; it all comes down to a person's chain of thoughts.
  7. If you're going to try to detonate a bomb and pull a terrorist attack, the results you would want would at least be to end your misery and do some damage. -.- But really, thank god that the passengers weren't harmed and the plane was able to land as planned.
  8. Violin

    Schools Out For Summer!

    Roughly around 3 1/2 weeks before school's closed, but my finals are unfortunately still in my way.
  9. Violin

    People Similar To Robert Frost

    It would be really great if the artist was an American, since that is somewhat of a similarity, but it's not mandatory. As long as the artist's theme is based on nature and rural life or has common grounds with Robert Frost, I'll be perfectly fine with it. Personally, the only hard part about this comparison is that the modern artist has to be ALIVE, which eliminates a lot of good choices.
  10. I'm working on a project right now, and a question has slowed me down for a while: Who is similar to Robert Frost? Part of my project is to find a modern artist (it can be a painter, musician, poet, etc) that has works similar to the works of Robert Frost, and I can't think of anyone modern that is similar. I really need suggestions of people who are similar to Frost. If you need any guidelines, all I know is that Frost's theme for his poetry was based on rural life and nature. EDIT: Forgot to mention an important detail: The modern artist has to still be alive today.
  11. Violin

    Virus Infection!

    -1 34
  12. Violin

    Virus Infection!

    -1 34 What fun would that be? >.<
  13. Violin

    Virus Infection!

    -1 34 How is it 38?
  14. Violin

    Virus Infection!

    -1 35
  15. Violin

    Virus Infection!

    -1 34

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