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  1. Hi all, Whenever I try to update my Quests via "Runescape Quest Management" I enter my current 'game' name and put in the captcha and still, everytime, I get the error: "An error occurred parsing the Adventurer's Log.2" and nothing happens after that. please help me, I've had this problem for months now, i was hoping it would get fixed Thanks,
  2. Mythical

    Money Making

    thanks Prinz :( i'll be sure to use what you suggested :D and thanks arham 4, i will check these methods out too :D
  3. Mythical

    Money Making

    thanks for the reply, where are green dragons? only in wilderness? and what would you recommend i wear and take out there?
  4. Mythical

    Money Making

    Hi, i want to learn of an effective way to earn a fair amount of money per hour, I don't mind getting my skill/s to the required lvl :( thanks in advance :D

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