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  1. ninjasRus

    Can't sort anymore?

    Well, the item look-up thing and the graph fixed it self. I just checked. I guess it just didn't want to cooperate with me for a day. And thank you for everything! I see that the quest sorting function has been fixed so everything that I know of is back to normal! :)
  2. ninjasRus

    Can't sort anymore?

    Well, the topic pretty much says it. After the update, I can't click a button anymore so I can sort the quests from their difficulty and if I have them done or not anymore. And It's written out too as to how hard the quest is or if it's done now instead of little swords for difficulty or a check/'x' as to complete or not. All the words blur together now and it's hard to read (slightly dyslexic...have overcome a good portion with a lot of practice). Is this the forum for stuff like this or is there a way to contact someone about it? P.S. In item look up, a drop down box doesn't come up anymore and the graph is like, a graph from a few years back (I wasn't here, but it looks like it). You can't change the time frame anymore and it shows down to the lowest value and highest value in the 7 day time frame. It doesn't show prices below or above anymore. Same thing, is this the place for it or do I need to go elsewhere/can you direct me to the elsewhere?
  3. ninjasRus

    What does it mean??

    Well, I was cutting magic trees so I could make money to pay my friend back the 930k that I owe him. As I was cutting, the screen shakes and in the chatbox a message appears "You hear a disturbance from below." I was just curious as to what this was and when my inventory was full, I stuck around and nothing happened. The main runescape site forums are down so I couldn't go to the topic there so I came here. Anyone know what it was? I was wearing a black cav, 5 year vet cape, and a dhatchet. I doubt those have anything to do with it though :P After I go to bank my inventory, I go back to the same spot and start cutting again, and the message doesn't appear anymore and the screen in return, doesn't shake either. Anything helps, thanks! -ninjasRus

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