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    1. wartoc



    2. Sobend


      WOAH those are some fightin words there

    3. Guitarguy



  2. wartoc

    99 Archaeology!!!!!1

    CONGRATS! ps im back
  3. wartoc

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    :starwars: :starwars: hype
  4. wartoc

    can someone help

  5. wartoc

    so yea

    hi joshlock
  6. There was/is a glitch when changing your name that caused all the players XP to be 'gained' in a day
  7. wartoc

    Super Thanks

    Son of a nice doggy!, sorry I wasn't on. Work has been pretty full on lately. Congratulations!
  8. wartoc

    Oh boy.

    So much profit $$$
  9. wartoc


    Vampy and Penance are really good for killing shizzle, I never even use JoT anymore. I guess it's good if you're persistent with dailies. Ones for skills aren't too bad, especially greenfingers and the higher tiers.
  10. wartoc

    Fastest QBD Kills?

    Would be interesting to see what the speed would be on slayer task, Kura just needs to assign me one.. (sorry for jpeg :( ) pretty colours below :)
  11. Past events have constantly failed. SC events, boss masses, Castle Wars and Clan wars as well as many other events would have 1 or 2 people show up - chat mods/ranks. With the smaller events that were planned at a certain time, people would show up for 30 minutes and then leave. Chat mods/ranks would stay and try to get more people to turn up but nobody would. Longer events like a skill competition give more players a chance to participate because they can log in whenever they want (assuming it is within the 48hr time frame). The smaller events need to be posted well in advance so that people know about them and the small window they have to participate. Chat mods/admins/ranks/event team that have previously tried again and again to host events with nobody showing up are going to be really reluctant for the same thing to happen again. We do try to mix things up a bit but the previous 52 weeks of the current skill competitions have been successful whereas some of the other events held in the same period of time have not Edit: I'm all for other events but they die out too quickly and end up being a waste of time for half the people

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