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  1. tychobrahe07

    Religious Indoctrination

    Eh I understand your point. Maybe as someone who's kinda affected by this issue I tend to find ways to prove people wrong that are totally bs. I just don't understand why you said "I know what you're talking about and it isn't a good thing." :/
  2. tychobrahe07

    I'm baaaack

    I'm in Ravenclaw. Respect for both houses. Hufflepuff is like the Psyduck of HP imo lol. I'll get right to it! :)
  3. tychobrahe07

    Religious Indoctrination

    I was raised to think gays weren't accepted and I used to cry myself to sleep all the time because I was pretty sure I was. Does that sound propaganda-y to you? Maybe if I told you that my friend (who has very Mormon parents) really believes that Jesus Christ was actually in America, would that make you realize the purpose of this thread? We're not necessarily talking about just being raised religiously but about having a religion forced onto you as a child. Or at least that's how I see things. Basically what I was thinking. Digging your thought process, man. :)
  4. tychobrahe07

    I'm baaaack

    I'll look at the sizes. It really depends on the content but I think you're in the right ballpark. What house are you in? :)
  5. tychobrahe07

    Religious Indoctrination

    See that's what I was thinking. The way I would raise my future children is to let them know there are many faiths out there and they're free to choose whatever as long as they're not screwing around and treat everyone else with respect. Honestly I think that's where some religious parents kinda go wrong.
  6. tychobrahe07

    Hola amigos!

  7. tychobrahe07

    Hola amigos!

    Holy ballsack you guys I won a sombrero on the Squeal and I'm unusually excited because I sat there wishing for what I wanted and I GOT IT. Never stop dreaming.
  8. tychobrahe07

    Religious Indoctrination

    How does everyone feel about parents influencing how a child sees the world using religion? On one hand, religion teaches hope and all that cute jazz. On the other hand, some make them think that certain things are wrong (ie me, raised in a catholic family and a homosexual) and therefore are faced with a childhood struggle to fit in. Also, I thank God for food (partly out of habit) but I'm also thankful for the men and women who make it possible for me to even have food. Idk, those are just my examples and viewpoints. What's everyone else's stand on this outspoken issue?
  9. I got my friend to join Runescape. I'm so good at converting people. ;)

    1. King Mic

      King Mic

      Now convince him to join Sal's! >:D

  10. tychobrahe07

    My friend's band

    Yeah the blue one was the first one I worked on and I agree the best one. All of these are basically rough drafts and the band split while I was still working. I appreciate the constructive criticism though. :) I'll fix them eventually lol.
  11. tychobrahe07

    My friend's band

    My friend had a band and asked me to do their designs for them. Unfortunately, the band had issues so now I have these. Just kind of a mini-portfolio I guess.
  12. But who was phone?

  13. tychobrahe07


    Bahahaha, basically.
  14. tychobrahe07


    I haven't really started using this site until now. Really diggin' this place, man.

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