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  1. Please don't forget to give the video a LIKE and a SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy! don't hesitate to comment on here and give me your opinion, it's only my second vid and I feel like i'm getting better at editing. thank you for your time! ps- if a mod could help me embed my video on here so it isn't a link I would appreciate it!!!
  2. anthhh

    99 range pure 1 defence 70cb

    Introduction Hello all, I am RangeWannaBe. I am a range pure/g mauler who enjoys vidding. This is my first video edited with camtasia for mac so I'm still learning. Its not any crazy edits but I think it's a good start for my first video. Please let me know what you think! Thank you Video Information Length: 5:08 Edited: On Macintosh Edited by: RangeWannaBe Pk Video 1: Stats for this vid hitpoints: 83-90 attack: 40-50 strength: 80-85 defence: 1 range: 93-99 prayer: 1 magic: 40-85

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