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  1. gamepureii

    Best skill to train as a skiller?

    Ok, I think I start with mining or fishing
  2. gamepureii

    Best skill to train as a skiller?

    Thanks for the support :) Yeah, I know how hard it is to be a f2p, but will buy p2p later :)
  3. Skiller Hi. I gonna start a new skiller account on runescape, if I get good replys I gonna play fp2 as long as I can, as well. 1. What is the best skill to train if I want to get rich as a skiller? 2. Best outfit as a skiller 3. Easyest skill to get 99
  4. gamepureii

    Runescape questions

    Thanks for useful reply :) Just one more thing.... is melee more easy to master than range? All I know is that is cheaper
  5. gamepureii


    New RS user :) I gonna train my RS account on f2p as long as I can. I gonna train as a pure by the way. What should I train? melee,range,magic? What will be useful in pvp? What other skills are useful when I want money? woodcutting,fishing?
  6. gamepureii

    Runescape questions

    Hi. I gonna make a new account at runescape. I gonna do pvp and when should I start do pvp? Another question, how long can your account be inactive? example: if my computer get broken or if im on vacation? Thanks

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