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  1. mws1919

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    Damn I have to work again! I'm missing all theese good bosses!
  2. mws1919

    World War Z

    I had to try really hard not to laugh at the chattering teeth! The whole thing felt like it was left 4 dead the movie to me. And apparently fat people don't become zombies cuz there wasn't a single one!
  3. mws1919

    Sal's Realm GWD Clan- BANDOS MASS

    RS Name:mws0619 Forum Name: mws1919 Bossing Experience: solo'd bandos, zammy and sara. killed dks, arma, and corp in groups. and plenty of qbd Unfortunately I cant make the KK mass today I have to work. Hopefully ill be at the next one!
  4. this is for week 88... and this is for week 89
  5. this is for week 83 and this is for week 84
  6. sorry for being lazy with uploads the last couple of weeks but here are weeks 66, 67 and 68

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