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  1. clubed2death

    This Intro is so cool :D

    Hi and welcome! :)
  2. clubed2death

    Count To 15 (with A Twist)

    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 *Loud Screaming* ... ... This isn't where we sing emo songs is it?
  3. clubed2death

    Rate The Name!

  4. clubed2death

    Achievement Unlocked!

    Happy Flap Flap your arms in Falidor's Drop Party Room purposefully missing a 1billion gp drop party.
  5. clubed2death

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  6. clubed2death

    The RuneScape World.

    I think that the landscape will expand at its own pace, and that we need to remember that there is a lot of "land" that is already kind of useless in runescape. So maybe it would be better if jagex took it upon themselves to fill those areas with content rather than to make another map square and continue to have the same problem. Too much area, not enough content to fill it.
  7. Grats on your drops! and really nice bank :)
  8. clubed2death


    Keep up the good work! Hope you can get all this done though, looks like a big undertaking.
  9. Maybe they will make a better microwave toward the end of this research so that you can't over cook things... and they won't get all dried out... just a thought >.> But seriously, it's sad that the purpose of this research is for a weapon, I'd rather seem them doing it for a futuristic car or something and then say oh btw we can make a weapon out of this. :(
  10. clubed2death

    Spin and Win on the Squeal of Fortune!

    I don't think it's rigged I just think that 50gp is an extremely common item from the wheel. I haven't gotten 50gp yet, but i've gotten a small lamp, copper, soft clayx2, and a raw sardine

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