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  1. RainbowDash

    The Gladiatorz 105+ f2p

    "Power may come and go, but greatness is forever." About Gladz The Gladiatorz was founded in February of 2001 by Joe Jenninz, Jerico, and Blaze Mace. Over 9 years later we continue to thrive and compete. Apart from our strong community, one of the main reasons we've managed to stay strong for so long is because of our large focus extending far beyond the Wilderness. We win wars, but do not call ourselves a Warring Clan. We have fun events, but do not call ourselves a Community Clan. Simply put, we are Gladz - A unique community-centered clan that offers a bit of everything.<p>In Gladz you will find everything you are looking for. In a typical week, you will attend everything from several wars and PK trips to a variety of fun, community-focused events. Overall, there are 50+ events per month with a 50/50 split between PvP-based events and fun events. The only way to truly find out what we're like is to visit our http://the-gladiatorz.com/forums, chill in our IRC or join our Clan Chat (Gladz Chat). General Information One of the main comments that people make about us is how great our community is. It's hard to maintain a strong warring force while still keeping a lively and vibrant community. However, we have successfully managed to balance both of these, and perhaps that's what sets us apart from most other clans out there. We have active forums, a lively IRC channel, and a Teamspeak 3 server with people in it 24/7. Quick Links http://www.the-gladiatorz.com http://www.the-gladiatorz.com/forums http://www.runehead....clan=gladiatorz http://www.youtube.c...r/TheGladiatorz http://www.the-gladiatorz.com/blog 105+ F2P Combat Access to Teamspeak 3 10 rune sets within 7 days of applying Register on the boards and post an introduction Receive an interview from a ranking member upon posting an application ~*Events*~ ~*Wars*~ ~*Promotion Video*~ If you want to join Gladz and are wondering where to start watch this helpful video: Questions? Contact us: Gladz Chat (our cc) YourDeath G (add me in-gmae) Seike (add in-game) iHess36 - [email protected] (or add in-game)

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