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    I work in the movie business, so naturally movies are interesting to me.

    Runescape, fiction writing, and playing with my kids. There are others, but those are the key ones.

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    Humm, Dung? Yeah, I'll go with that, but I'm a generalist.
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    137 as of this posting
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  1. crazyfoxxy

    Sals community

    I can't speak for everyone, but blog posts in "Sal's Realm of Runescape" are rarely ever about Runescape anymore. For example, on this blog page, there are about 20 entries with zero of them about Runescape. You guys are hilarious, but when I log into Sal's, which used to be primarily about Runescape, I'm looking for Runescape-discussion. I used to come here several times a day, but now I go to the /Runescape subreddit for my Runescape fix. Perhaps Sal's Realm of Runescape should just be called Sal's Realm. Flame away if you must...
  2. crazyfoxxy

    96 slayer, 97 slayer, 95 thieving

    At the risk of being totally out of synch with the other bloggers here who are all about the in jokes and links, it's time for another dull 'hey, I levelled up' blog post. Maybe we need a 'Runescape' section for Sal's Runescape ;)
  3. crazyfoxxy

    New Zealand from space

    What part do the Hobbits live in?
  4. crazyfoxxy

    99 Smithing, 50 levels to go

    Gratz on the Smithing cape. Dungeoneering in groups fun and fast if you find the right people.
  5. crazyfoxxy

    24th June || Global Warming!

    good luck
  6. crazyfoxxy

    So yeah...

    I'm a pretty direct person so if I were you I would just go for it. The not-knowing if she's into you can be worse then the rejection itself. You should be telling yourself 'I'm a good guy, it wouldn't be a surprise if she ended up with me.' Its a mistake to start thinking about crap like 'it's too soon' for her. You have no idea what she's thinking, and BTW, if she's really interested, the timing won't matter. When a girl says "I just got out of a relationship so I'm not available right now" that's an excuse. If you ask her out and she says that, move on - it means she not interested. This is a numbers game my friend. Its wonderful that your interested in her, but she might not feel the same way. The longer you wait, the more you will suffer and the more likely that someone else will grab her up. How would you feel if someone else got her while you were thinking about your next move? You'd probably feel like a shmuck and you'd be right. If she says no, take a breath and move on. Its a long summer and there will be others, I promise. If you're really into her, go for it. Just ask her out. Get her alone, look her in the eyes and tell her that you feel something for her and want to figure it out with her. Don't tell her about the poems and the song - that might creep her out. Save that for later IF it works out. It sounds like you're an actor. Well actors know how you 'live in the moment'. Do that. Talk to her and live in the moment, be the moment. Be your best self and put it on the line. If she say something like 'yes' then your set. If you get a 'no' then at least you can say that you went for it. Either way, you'll have gained knowledge and stood up for yourself. Good luck.
  7. crazyfoxxy

    To the guys that hid sex jokes in cartoon network shows.

  8. crazyfoxxy

    This is how you Runescape.

  9. crazyfoxxy

    wtf amercia

    America is like that guy in the bar, hanging out with his friends, being too loud, pinching the waitress who giggles unconfortably. He drinks too much, eats too many hot wings and if you go up to him and ask him to 'take it easy buddy, we're all just trying to chill here' he goes completely ape shizzle, smashes a drink over your head, shoves you down to the filthy floor, and whips his junk out and pisses on you. In summary, don't mess with that guy, he's nuts.
  10. crazyfoxxy

    New toy

    That bike is sweeet! Gratz. I have a Trek Madone, carbon fibre, Shimano gears, Bontrager wheels, airbars, etc. and it makes a huge difference over my old ride. Wear a helmet and have fun going fast.
  11. crazyfoxxy

    The hell, Britain?

    Why does anyone care about the Queen? - A confused American.
  12. crazyfoxxy


    gratz! I think I saw this on Reddit too. Well done.
  13. crazyfoxxy

    Boys are being confusing...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dfTzwvQgKk start at 4:32. Men and women settle for mates that are generally in their same class of attractiveness.
  14. crazyfoxxy

    Grindscape Comics

    Found this on Reddit. So funny! http://grindscapecomic.com/
  15. crazyfoxxy

    Attack Cape, 138 Combat


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