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  1. thenewguy1

    Beat the image above with a Picture Caption :)

    \(*.*)/ I'm done.
  2. thenewguy1

    How much wattage should I get?

    Thank you for pointing out my flaws. I'll be sure to fix them but I use the CD drives to play movies and such. Also I prefer to install Windows 7 off the CD just because it comes out as a CD Already.
  3. thenewguy1

    How much wattage should I get?

    Think those prices will go up or down? I was thinking personally that those prices will just go down and my 1.4k can be used to purchase better up to date parts (filtering out things like inflation ect.)
  4. Hey guys. So I'm planning on saving up and getting these parts http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1052Z sometime in the next 2-4 years. I was curious what power supply should I get? The GPU I already have and that's an AMD Radeon HD 7950 gigabyte version. I also have a 750W power supply PC power and cooling I think was it's name. Is all this enough to supply the things I have or no?
  5. thenewguy1

    Essay help.

    She said good job and mostly corrected my grammar. That's literally all she did as far as tips and probably two things about transition. I also have a B- in the class which improved from a C so thanks once again!
  6. thenewguy1

    Essay help.

    I got a B+ (85%) thank you everyone!
  7. thenewguy1

    Best phone availible in MetroPCS?

    Thanks I'll be sure to do that.
  8. First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I thought this section was the best for this topic. But anyway, I currently have MetroPCS (cause it's just so cheap) and I might get a new phone there. There is no budget and I currently have the HTC Wildfire S which is a good phone, just really laggy sometimes, overheats, and has bad storage. I was considering the Samsung Galaxy S3. But I want to know if there's a better phone. My plan is unlimited everything if you need to know and I prefer smartphones only. Link to where you can help me choose: http://www.metropcs.com/metro/category/Phones/cat170019
  9. thenewguy1

    Best way to hide scars (not really scars)

    Thanks for the suggestion but I'm fine. I thought about the incident recently and feel like a selfish piece of crap. I'm fine now.
  10. You know your a wimp when you get scared from playing half Life...

    1. Arianna


      omg facehuggers

  11. The yolo mcswagger

  12. thenewguy1

    Best way to hide scars (not really scars)

    Thanks for caring and giving me tips. I rarely cut though. This was the first in like 2 years. I prob won't do it again though. Fixed the issue.
  13. thenewguy1

    Best way to hide scars (not really scars)

    I've gone about like a year or two without cutting. I literally feel like a cabbage-lover for doing it but whatever. Atleast it's not permanent.
  14. thenewguy1

    Best way to hide scars (not really scars)

    Tried it. Worked. Thanks.
  15. thenewguy1

    Best way to hide scars (not really scars)

    tears to fap? lul wut? And I don't really shed tears. Bit too young for that.

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