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  1. Tasoansteel

    So It's 2007....

    Jagex has broken more than my heart, as it were. I came back in a time after the Climbing Boots fiasco. I came back, because they more or less apologized for it. (We could have handled that better) was the actual comment from the RuneFest of that year. I would love to play in the 2007 RuneScape rules. But alas, Jagex is no longer Jagex, and I feel that in time, they will just monetize this as well. There is also the fact, that 7 years of effort would be gone. Starting fresh at level 1 certainly has its appeal. I do that every ladder season on Diablo 2. But then, that game is designed to live a span of six months at a time, then reset. RuneScape was supposed to be a much longer adventure. Yelps, Solomon's Store, and so much more, has ruined that adventure. They told a much colder story of real life. Money is all that matters, even in our fantasy games. I am done with RuneScape, and Jagex quite frankly, can just take a hike.
  2. Remington would be my home. It has ambiance, art, and adventure. It is a mystical little town, that few visitors come to see. Some adventurers have found a local resident, who can give you tips on how to find one of Gielinor's most elusive denizens. *Hickup* That of course, will only be earned if you can cure him of his hangover. Not far from Remington, as the seagull fly's, are many beautiful things. A place of solace, that I find to be relaxing, is the Mud skipper Point. An old boot, campfire and a broken rod are the only evidence that it has ever had visitors. There is a warning sign......but it is vague at best. Sitting under the palm, in the glade of grass in the center of the beach, has been a pastime of many brave adventurers, just wanting a little peace and quiet. Recent times however, have seen the terrain shaking, as a cavern appeared. From the depths comes roars, screams....followed by silence. It is enough to make the blood run cold in even the most hardened adventures. I would still choose Remington though. A place to find magic, adventure and solace. Just don't upset the Queen.
  3. Tasoansteel

    Are People Being Forum Banned Because of Me?

    I am seriously late to this one, and I apologize deeply for that. I was witness to the events that happened there. The video doesn't show the whole truth in what Tufftypower was doing there. The thread is gone now, and I do not have any screen shots to share, so I will try my best to reveal what I know with as much truth that I can remember. One of my friends had posted questions regarding Merch's visit, and wanted to know if she could post the article on the RSOF. I had responded that I could attempt to 'paraphrase' her article, but didn't feel it was my place to do so. I also went on to tell him that the 'article' that Merch had been invited to Jagex for, was not an appropriate topic for the RSOF. At that point, Slushypants came along talking in detail about a player that he had suspected for years was being abusive in RuneScape, in very inappropriate ways. His posts were negative, detailed and clearly not appropriate. For the most part, he was trolling and disputing Jagex's efforts to help protect the RS Community, and Tuffty was the Moderator that came along to deal with him. The following posts hidden was his arguments with Tuffty, and I can say that they were rather nasty in nature. Tuffty was kind to give him the chance to behave better before he smacked him with the Banhammer. In no way did Merch do anything to encourage this player, he earned his ban, and Tuffty was doing the right thing.
  4. Tasoansteel

    Mod Poppy Leaving Jagex

    I have come to love the RS community, and it is through people like you that have helped open my eyes to a greater part of the RuneScape world. I count myself as one of the fortunate people to find myself in your orbit. I was not always nice in RuneScape. People like you and Mod Poppy, encourage the best in us. You demonstrate everyday that we can be better and can excel in even the smallest ways. The ripple effect, and I am happy to see the ones that start those ripples through out our Community, with your simple acts of kindness. P.S. You were not late, I was. I got caught up in her goodbyes, then later I realized that you may not have gotten the word yet.
  5. Tasoansteel

    Relationship Advice

    There are so few guiding lights in this world, I am glad that I have met you Merch Gwyar. Your articles inspire many things. Thought, introspection but beyond anything, you inspire hope and belief. I posted, for what it is worth. Idealism is a quandary weakness for me, as it clashes often with my realism. A curse of a golden mind, so to speak. (golden mind, referring to those who have equal dominance of both the right and left hemisphere of the brain.)
  6. Tasoansteel

    Word is Spreading, Jagex and Gambling

    Tell me this, because I appreciate your honesty throughout the topic, believe it or not :P Do you oppose the Squeal because you believe it encourages gambling or because it goes against the spirit of the game, and the word of Jagex? Because that's an easy question for me, and it's the reason articles like this wind me up so badly :P In the beginning, I didn't have any problem with the SoF. When Jagex introduced spins for sale, it left me dumbstruck, and quite frankly, I didn't know what to think, it was simply unbelievable to me that Jagex had done it. I am outraged that Jagex has changed their ethos, and seemingly cast aside our traditions as a community, and our hard work by selling our coveted experiences for cheap easy cash. I am not a fan of Gambling either, and I do wish that Jagex had introduced microtransactions in a less 'controversial' manner as the Squeal of Fortune. I also wish that it hadn't taken the form of selling XP lamps and Coins, the two very things that players consider the most valued and coveted. I have seen many arguments that support Jagex's possible reasons for it, and I have seen many that are far more easy to believe, which is purely for profits. In the end, I believed in Jagex, I believed that they truly felt that Honor and Respect were at the top of their own code of conduct as a Company. I am in a group of players that truly feels betrayed, and have come to see that Jagex has set their Integrity aside for profits over players.
  7. Tasoansteel

    Word is Spreading, Jagex and Gambling

    Jethraw I know what you mean. I have had the privilege of reading Merch Gwyar's articles and about her visit to Jagex. I am definitely not interested in seeing 'smear campaigns' and sensational stories that don't have the facts to back it up. I posted this mainly because Jagex is now actively trying to prevent such things from becoming known to the general RuneScape community on the RSOF. I wish the article had been presented better, and without the poorly thought out statements. If I had the gift of writing, I would attempt write what I know, and the facts that I do have to back it up. I have followed this from the beginning, and aside for my passion for RuneScape, I also have very strong passions for what I believe in. The SoF represents the exact polar opposite of my moral compass. Thanks for your feedback, and I appreciate your viewpoints.
  8. Tasoansteel

    Word is Spreading, Jagex and Gambling

    Rubbish or not, at least someone out there is willing to touch on this subject outside of Jagex's watchful eye and censorship. Players have been banned for having mentioned this article on the RSOF. My own post was hidden for simply saying "this is an interesting article". Jagex doesn't want 'bad publicity' which I am sure no company would want, but Jagex wishes to actively try to hide this type of 'media' and news from 'our' public knowledge. They know that a vast group of players are against the capitalistic direction that Jagex has taken RuneScape, and of course, the obvious gambling aspect that the SoF presents. I hope that more news media takes up writing a story about this. It would be interesting if a large news company revealed this to the world, with the spotlight that they can provide.
  9. Tasoansteel

    Word is Spreading, Jagex and Gambling

    Hard data of this type in regards to 'gambling' is not something easily displayed here. There is evidence gathered around the world about this, and it varies in opinion and the implementation of law as nearly as much as the worlds entire Community varies. There is hard data to show, that many people are given to habitual usage of games of chance. And, I will add, that 'Children' are far more likely to act on impulse, and Jagex is clearly marketing the SoF to capitalize on their 'get it now' impulses. Point one, is that Jagex's only claim that it is 'not' gambling, is that there is a win for every spin. I counter this point with Jagex's very actions. Players have complained that the 50 coin 'win' was a 'loss', and some go as far as to say it is an insult. Jagex has updated the SoF by removing the 50 coin item, and increased all coin 'rewards'. They also increased the 'chances' to win the more rare items. These actions are in response to players complaints that they 'lose' or are not fair enough 'chances'. Point Two, is that although Jagex claims it is not gambling, they frequently use terms that are attributed to a game of chance. "win", Improved "chances", "Win Big!", "Grab the Gold!", and of course the big carrot "Limited Time Only!". They may be using a technical loophole to justify it legally, but they are certainly not advertising it such. By Jagex's own actions, examples and their marketing of it, it is Gambling. Let's try not to blow this out of proportion and make it into a totalitarian fight for rights and freedom. This is about the implementation of a game of gambling in RuneScape, and what it is doing to the game and our Community. There are dangers associated with it because of it being gambling, and it should not be tolerated in the game. Players will gamble, there is no doubt of it, as they have been doing it for a very long time in RuneScape. The difference here is, that it was localized only to virtual goods, but in the case of the SoF, it involves real life money, and it can cause real life financial dangers for not just the person buying spins, but their entire family. There simply is nothing good being done for RuneScape and our Community through the SoF being here. And it certainly does not improve our game play and enjoyment of it. ~Tasoan~ You're most certainly welcome :)
  10. Tasoansteel

    Word is Spreading, Jagex and Gambling

    The one truly great thing about RuneScape is its very Community. The SoF, if nothing else, has sparked one of RuneScape's greatest debates. My issues with the SoF is in part the gambling aspect, but overall it is how it minimizes what RuneScape was all about, and it is fracturing our game community with the strife that it is causing. Change comes to all things, but ideally those changes should be an improvement to a game. Very few players have claimed that the SoF has improved their game play, and the overwhelming response has been how the SoF rewards experience to players, which is one of the most coveted things in RuneScape. For 10 years, players have had to 'earn' their experience through effort of game play. Granted, updates have been implemented that rewarded lucrative experience, such as Effigies, but never anything like this before. The recent update, 200m coins and 5x coin 'rewards', clearly shows that Jagex doesn't care about the balance of the game. It leaves little room for argument, as to what lengths Jagex is willing to go to encourage the buying of spins. They advertise it like a game of gambling. They constantly update it to keep it fresh, and entice more spin purchases. Whatever Jagex wants to call it, it is undoubtedly gambling, and Jagex has defined it as such through their actions, if not their words. I will also note, that I have seen threads on the RSOF about players spin package rewards. One such thread was a player that had spent $1,000 to get 99 Summoning. He said that he would not do it again though, because the rewards were not worth the real life money spent. Jagex seems to be updating the SoF now, to reflect the players feeling of not getting their money's worth out of it. Jagex is listening, but only to those who are willing to spend big on the SoF. It is articles like this, that reflect the true feelings of the Community. I don't claim that 'all' of us feel this way, but somewhere in the middle, it does represent the overall negative feeling that the SoF has created in the entire RuneScape Community.
  11. Tasoansteel

    Word is Spreading, Jagex and Gambling

    It becomes far more relevant in the fallowing paragraphs. "Meanwhile, long-running online game Runescape is being widely criticised for encouraging youngsters to gamble." "Australian gamer, parent and former gambling addict Jakob Gamertsfelder is a veteran Runescape player but is now one of many actively protesting about the game's new direction - what he describes as "an online casino aimed at children". Most of the complaints are directed at Squeal of Fortune, which was added early this year and allows players to "buy spins" to a virtual wheel of fortune to win prizes. Jakob says Squeal of Fortune is "marketing aimed at habituating and incentivising gambling, directly aimed at kids". ~~~~ This is just an excerpt from the entire article. I also reiterate that this is not new information, but rather, that the article itself is new, and it is spreading to more media sites. ~Tasoan~ No doubt many players spin to win on the SoF. I however feel strongly, that the only way to 'win' is not to spin. Jagex is using the data from all spins that players use to say that 90% of RuneScape players 'enjoy' the SoF. I don't enjoy it, nor have I ever claimed to, hence, I don't use the spins.
  12. Jagex celebrates 200m accounts, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    1. Eternaly Lit

      Eternaly Lit

      It's too bad they don't allow emails for that contest, otherwise I would tell them what I think since I really can't be bothered to make a video.

  13. Hiya Salmon's I don't often post on here, in fact, this is my first thread on the Sal's Realm forums. I am quite active on the RSOF however, and I have been following and actively been against the SoF for some time now. Jagex so far, has allowed much of it to be debated, and on virtually every aspect of the topic. Today however, news is spreading further and the Real Life communities are becoming more aware of Jagex's actions in RuneScape. A post was made on an SoF topic regarding a news article where Jagex is directly mentioned for their SoF implementation. The post mentioning it, as well as all comments thereafter have been hidden. Here is the article, and I ask that players here take a moment to read it. It isn't anything new, except for that it is now on a news site. It would seem, that Jagex wants the news of this, hidden from the RSOF public view. The Age, theage.com.au Turning Gamers into Gamblers http://www.theage.co...0620-20obm.html Jagex can't hide the truth, and I thank Sal's Realm of RuneScape, for being vigilant in upholding the Spirit of the Game, and the truth. ~Tasoan~
  14. Tasoansteel

    Canting Vs. Sals

    I will also be f2p at this time. I'll be cheering for Canting for sure though. :)
  15. Tasoansteel

    No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

    No problem Merch, you are most welcome :)

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