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  1. Tuesday 8th dec 22:00 game time, w71 at the desert phoenix I will be getting 200m thieve, All are invited :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sobend


      I will not support this only because the desert phoenix is a good friend of mine and I don't want to see him get stolen from any longer.

    3. Clue


      it had to be the desert phoenix sob, since my 120 was taken by it

    4. Sobend


      That's not what Gary (the desert phoenix) told me.

  2. I've been in the cc always :)
  3. So this was a while ago but yeah 150m thieve
  4. Bleh i was at work then :(
  5. since sal didnt manage to get any pics of me, here is one of a drunken Clue andhis friend :) my sombrero stayed on the whole day :D
  6. So far people have been joining, just because a program is new doesnt make it obsolete to be used. People just have to be willing to change. As mentioned to you before, you do not have to use the voice chat, that is the good part of this program, it has both text and voice chat to suit both variants of person. Voice communication is not the main reason for the discord, it is for everyday general chat also, people are able to use discord on their phones, yes they can access sals forums on their phones too but after using the forums myself by phone, it's very sluggish compared to the app i'm afraid to say. We have a few sals people who quickly jump on the current ts server to quickly send pm's to eachother, for whatever reason they want to do it there instead of in rs, perhaps to avoid the risk of wrong chatting something private. So far from what i have seen the pro's are outweighing the cons, it's just up to the people to change over is all. Discord could be an awesome use for when/if we run more events, people can voice chat, text chat whatever they want and some who cant attend the ingame event can still be a part of the discussion on the app.
  7. it is for now but I'm not sure if it will be forever, this is a nice alternative as it has a desktop app just like teamspeak has but it also can be left open on a browser :) To be honest it probably would actually work better for raids teams as they can use the chat function to find people who want to join a team and they can voice chat when they get a team (so long as the people are members of that discord server :) )
  8. Its all lined up in a specific way :P dont question my logic! it is completely flawed yes but still :D Also thanks :P
  9. Hey guys, You may have seen before that I offered a teamspeak for you all to use. Well I'm here now with an even better option for us all, a chat server that is specifically for us! The server is a Discord server which allows text chat and voice chat rooms to be made :) Click here to join the sals Discord server Hope to see you all on there Thanks Clue
  10. So I seem to have neglected this quite a bit but hey ho it happens :) 100m Thieve:
  11. quick update, Time has now been changed to 15:30 game time so as to not collide with the golden gnome awards
  12. Perhaps we can add sals members achievements gallery? like a notice of the achievements the sals community have gotten? for example, I will have achieved 100 million thieveing xp this month and level 120 thieving next month on the 3rd, things like that, so 99's high xp milestones quest capes, comp capes etc
  13. yeah if you have the seren prayers :P I havent done the quest nor do i wish to lol
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