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  1. LeopardClaw

    Money Making and Clue Scrolls!

    Thank you billions911, your advice really helped!
  2. LeopardClaw

    Money Making and Clue Scrolls!

    Hello! You may not know me because I am a new member to the salmoneus forums! I have been working in game at trying to get money, and I need to questions answered before I can properly get money. 1.) What is the best way to get level two and level three clue scrolls? I get my level two clue scrolls by killing Catablepons on the third floor of the stronghold of safety, but they rarely drop them, and I get my level three clue scrolls by killing hellhounds in the Taverly Dungeon, and that's not very effective either... So I'm just curious what are the best things you can do to obtain level two and three clue scrolls! 2.) What are the best ways to make money for high leveled members? So far I've made most of my money from drops from monsters I've been training on, but that's not much money... I use Miscellania and that brings in about 600k a week, but that's not enough for the types of things I want! I do clue scrolls but with the luck I have I get about 40-60k each scroll. Look at my stats below, and if you could please tell me the best money making guides with my skill sets! Thank you all so much, even though I haven't even got to meet everyone, this seems like a great community to be with! Thank you! ----

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