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  1. Chamadar


    Holy shizzle. I think he just predicted his own future on the forum. o_o this was written in july can you believe it july i thought it was only december or something JULY OH GOD WE'RE GETTING OLD My friend... I am back!
  2. I started playing Runescape about 4 years ago. When I first started playing there was the whole tutorial island and the game seemed to be pretty basic and not complicated to play. I played on and off for a few years and I always watched the number of players online on the home page. I remember that I looked at it and at most time there was anywhere from 125,000 to over 200,000 people online. Now when I get on sometimes the number doesn't even reach to 50,000. My question: Is Runescape becoming so complicated that new players don't want to play, because there is so much stuff to learn? I know when exposed to new things it's sometimes really hard to learn how to do it. Are the new players thinking this? Why are Runescape's numbers falling?
  3. Chamadar

    Schools and internet

    If a student gets a school laptop for the year it's not really the school's responsibility to take care of the laptop. It's the students and parents of the student. All school run on the "You break it, you buy it" policy so why should the school be worried. Also the internet needs to be uncensored. Period. It's the parents responsibility to make sure their kid is doing the right thing on the internet. Bottom line: The school is not your parent! They should supply you with the tools that are needed.
  4. Chamadar


    Don't you mean he Thanks! Didn't see that!
  5. Chamadar


    I realized my first attempt of writing this story was not much in depth and so many errors so here is another go. RuneHackers Chapter 1 – Another Saturday Night Here he was once again, concentrating intensely on his bright computer screen immersed in total concentration. Mountain dew cans littered his desk while a half eaten pizza started to just get cold. His cat snoozed happily on his unmade bed while the rain outside came down softly on the paved street of Thirteenth Street. This was just another typical night for Jake Anderson. Jake wasn’t like most teenagers. He didn’t go out every Saturday night to party or go to the movies with friends. He was more of a quite person that liked to be by himself. Jake preferred to stay inside with his computer playing a video game. This wasn’t any ordinary computer game though. This game was full of adventure, quests, and action. At least that’s what the game description was. The game was called RuneScape. It was a fantasy massive multiplayer online role-playing game. RuneScape took place in the world of Gielinor, a medieval fantasy realm divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities. Players could travel throughout Gielinor via a number of methods including on foot, magical spells, or charter ships. Each region offered different types of monsters, resources, and quests to challenge players. Players were represented in the game with customizable avatars. To put it simple, Jake thought the game was awesome. Yet Jake wasn’t the typical gamer. He wasn’t some lard sitting on a couch surrounded by every imaginable junk food clogging his arteries while his eyes fell out of their sockets. In fact Jake looked pretty athletic. He stayed in shape by running when he was bored. He wasn’t considered a gamer at school though. No one knew he played the nerdy game “RuneScape”. At school he appeared to be a whole other person. He didn’t belong to any certain group in his school. Jake was not part of the goths, jocks, nerds, popular kids, or anything else. If he were classified he would be identified as a “jack of all trades” guy. Jake was good at a lot of things and everyone appeared to be on his good side. That is how Jake liked it. He did not want to get involved in any of the high school drama. Jake leaned back in his old swivel leather computer chair and relaxed. He just accomplished one of his latest goals to get 70 Attack. He finally could wield a Dragon sword. His cat seemed to sense that he had just accomplished the task since it was now meowing for more food. The cat had smoky gray fur and seemed to be packing on the pounds. Jake named the cat Wolf when he was a child and it had been around ever since he was born. His parents told him it just kind of showed up one day and hung around so they decided to keep it. Jake liked the cat even though it seemed to get on his nerve sometimes, like now. The cat knew better to yelp at him for food when he was playing RuneScape. Jake decided to not put up with the yelping and just concluded to feed it. Jake fled down the flight of wooden stairs and raced into the kitchen as the cat followed close behind. He got the food and poured some in Wolf’s bowl. The cat did not eat. This was not normal. Usually the cat would dive into the food and stuff its face, but I guess that was not the case tonight. “What do you want?” he asked the cat as if it would reply. Jake didn’t know what the crazy cat’s problem was so he just sprinted back up to his room and closed the door before the cat could sneak its way in. The cat meowed like it was dying now. Jake didn’t care. He plopped back down in the chair and threw on a pair of headphones. Wolf was not going to waste his time tonight. Besides my parents could deal with the cat when they got back from their movie. He started back on another task that he mentally set back in science class. For another hour Jake worked with much concentration, straining his eyes more and more on the computer screen. Jake looked at the clock on the computer that read 9:13 p.m. and decided that he had enough for one night. He logged off and grabbed his jacket off his bed to go on a walk down his small neighborhood street. He went outside and took in the chilly early autumn air. The rain had stopped now, which left a clean smell behind as if the rain had made everything new. Fog had managed to drift in to leave a spooky effect on the streets. It didn’t bother Jake though. The town he lived in was called Cleverside. The town had only a population of about 5,000 people, so not much happened. It was highly unlikely he would get beat-up or kidnapped. Jake walked by the same houses he did everyday on the way to school until he came to the four way stop and then he took a left so he could make a circle around his block. He observed the houses to see what everyone was up to tonight, but every house appeared to be the same; lights dimly lighting the green front lawn. Jake looked around taking in more of the surroundings as he walked on. The chill crept through his jacket and made him shiver not just because he was cold, but he as if he were being watched. He looked behind him to see if anyone was there, but there was only a vacant street, except for the black tomcat that sat at the four way stop licking its paw. Perhaps someone was staring out his or her window at him. It just started to feel a little creepy out here, but at the same time Jake believed that nothing would really happen. He turned on Thirteenth Street where his house stood with three others on either side of his. Jake jogged inside eagerly to get warmth. His parents hadn’t returned yet, but it would most likely be a while since they always liked to cruise through the town after the movie. Jake hopped up the stairs and slipped into his bedroom to put in some more gaming time. He decided he would play Runescape until his parents got home. Jake logged on and started to play. Five minutes went by when he heard something behind him. Jake didn’t bother to look behind him though since he knew it was Wolf probably messing around trying to discover a new hiding place. Suddenly he got a random event. “Come with me Jake!” The mysterious man avatar shouted urgently. Wait a second. How did the game know my real name? I don’t remember putting in any information like that when signing up. Something is really wrong here. I was teleported away and the game screen went black while it loaded the new location. “WHAM!” It wasn’t Wolf.
  6. Chamadar

    How are you feeling the majority of the time?

    True, perhaps I should have made it multiple choice.
  7. Chamadar

    How are you feeling the majority of the time?

    Typical teenager mood swings. I think girls have worse mood swings though. :lol:
  8. Chamadar

    How are you feeling the majority of the time?

    I've felt weird the past few days, but I haven't felt no emotion rarely. I've been feeling mostly discouraged and stressed thanks to school. What's your reason?
  9. How are you feeling the majority of the time? Post your feelings!
  10. Chamadar

    What time do you get up/go to bed?

    Weekdays I get up at 6 AM and go to bed anywhere from 10:30 PM to 12 AM Weekends I get up at 8 or 9 AM and go to bed around 1 AM
  11. Chamadar

    What time do you get up/go to bed?

    Wake up at 6:45 AM and then go to be bed around 11:30 PM.
  12. I'm not sure if it's completely true or I'm just doing something wrong, but the ultimate game card seems to be a scam. I bought 1 month membership and entered the code. The card is worth $20. However now my membership has expired and I'm trying to buy another month except it says the pin number on my card has already been used. Any ideas if this is a scam or I'm just doing it wrong.
  13. Chamadar

    Death Penalty

    Another thing to bring up in this is religion. I was asking a few of my close friends this a few days ago and one of them answered like this: "No the death penalty should not be used. Just because someone killed someone does that mean they should die? Does two wrongs make a right? We should not decide who's life to take; that's God's job."

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