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  1. Igloo2

    Anger Management

    I'm anti-counselor most of the time. You tell them about a problem you're having, and their response is to print and read some pages aloud to you from a book, and for you to implement the techniques into your daily life. Cut out the middle man when you can. No need to pay to have a book read to you. Buy the book they've got or find some stuff on the world wide web. It's usually just a matter of finding a technique that works for you and sticking with it. A word of caution: There's a bit of outdated information out there. You may read that when you're angry, you should scream into a pillow, hit a punching bag, or something like that. However, a study showed that it actually makes your anger problems worse. You're training your gut reaction to be to scream and hit. There's this other thing call the STOP method. I forget what it stands for, but you're supposed to take a few deep breaths and slowly count to ten. This is best because then you're training yourself to deal with anger appropriately. I'd say it gets just a tiny bit easier each time you do it. It's a process. Nothing seems to work for me though. I can deal with anger just fine up to a point, but I'll inevitably encounter someone who stupidly wants to push me over the edge, and then it's like someone flipped a switch and I'm coming after them with a butcher's knife, haha, and then it's like somebody flipped the anger switch off.
  2. Igloo2

    Congratulations to...

    Congratulations, lilshu!
  3. Igloo2

    Bikers surrender in New York

    When I took a motorcycle safety course, the textbook and the instructor both said if you drop your helmet, you need to replace it. Its job is to protect against impact, and it's only capable of doing that just once. Someone needs to remind those guys who slammed their helmets into the SUV about this little factoid.
  4. On another forum I go to, they don't have any rules about bumping, and they also have a suggestion box. For example, if you clicked on a topic about Halloween candy, it would show you other topics where the keywords Halloween candy was typed. It has it's flaws, like if I started a poll about "What's your favorite candy?", it might show something totally irrelevant simply because someone happen to type Halloween candy inside a topic about motorcycles. But that's what makes the forum so much fun! A hilarious story from 11 years ago doesn't become any less hilarious today, and it's brand new content for me as I joined about a year ago. It really keeps the website alive and going when there should be a lot less activity due to lack of users.
  5. Igloo2

    Good Free VPN?

    Due to the recent whistle blowing on the US government's spying and other things reported on the news, it's been shown that using TOR or a VPN is not enough. If they can't track you by IP address, they use Google ads / cookies (google-analytics is on every webpage) or they use a zero day browser exploit to put spyware on your computer or they rely on your stupidity - If you login to Facebook and then do your illegal thing on a different site within the same browsing session / didn't clear your browser's history/cookies, you've just revealed who's using your computer! If you're doing P2P or just trying to unblock youtube videos or something, any old VPN will work, but you should consider choosing one that has no affiliation the USA and aren't run by US citizens. If a server is in the US, then it's subject to those government letters that say "You either have the option of bugging your website or shutting down, and if you tell anyone you got this letter, you're going to jail". You can bet the business isn't going to shutdown for you. This is why I recommend Mulvad as a VPN provider. If you're doing something the government actually cares about, use TOR, turn on noscript, and click the help > about firefox button to update the browser. If you want to go above any beyond use the Tails linux live CD. If you're just reading about illegal stuff, you don't have much to worry about. Just install https-everywhere, use startpage.com as your search engine, and click only click on the wikipedia (https) results. You should expect that any free proxy is run by hackers or the government and as you're data passes through their server, they're keeping a copy of your usernames and passwords for themselves, or at least have logging enabled. As that old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Something you have to watch out for are VPNs that claim to not log anything. I find it's often true and false at the same time. They'll turn logging off but when the government sends them a letter that says one of your users is doing something bad, they turn logging on temporarily to locate and ban that user - You're only safe the first time you do the illegal thing, not the second time and beyond. I'd say this is true for most VPNs. They can't have users sending bulk spam.
  6. Igloo2

    Muted for no reason

    I can't believe RuneScape continues to have this problem. It's been an issue since I started playing, around 2006. Normal players get rewarded by Jagex for good behavior and good reports through invitations to become Player Moderators. Sometimes the people they select aren't any good (they're children after all) and abuse the mute button that is added to their screen in-game or make mistakes. There's nothing you can do but appeal and wait it out.
  7. Igloo2

    USA Government Shutdown

    The bad parts of obamacare (employee mandate) have been delayed until 2015. Anything that's happening right now at work is preemptive panicing and stupidity. Everything set to happen now mostly good stuff. People who've never had insurance can now have it, less discrimination, more fairness, and no one is forcing you to buy insurance through healthcare.gov, you can continue to have the exact same policy you have now as it's been grandfathered in. The only bad parts is if you make over 200k a year, you have to pay a 0.9% tax, and secondly, if you love tanning beds, there's a 10% tax because no one wants to pay for your unnecessary skin cancer treatments. Both those things are no big deal. I didn't like the idea of being forced to have health insurance or pay a fine, but I've come around. It's like car insurance. I'm inevitably going to wreck some day, and if I can't pay then my bills get passed on to the responsible people who do have insurance, and that's not right. Everyone needs to pay their own bills. Obamacare passed the house, the senate, Obama signed it, it was fought to be repealed 41 times, and at least one of those times, it went to the Supreme Court where it was ruled to be constitutional. I feel the republicans had their chance and are now resorting to sabotage and dirty tricks! They shouldn't be allowed to do that.
  8. Here's how I see it... RuneScape becoming a #1 game was pure luck. If you look at everything else Jagex has tried to make money off of, it's been pure failure. FunOrb? No updates in 3 years. MechScape? Cancled at least three or four times. The transformers MMORPG? Extremely behind. 8 Realms? Shutdown quickly after launch. Carinage Racing? Bet you never even heard of it. The next big turn of events in RuneScape was Andrew Gower sold Jagex / RuneScape to a US investment group. Why would he do that? He knows RS boom hit years ago, he road out the wave, and he wanted to sell it and make some more money rather than watch it go to "0 players online now". What's crazy is that the things I've always wanted out of the game, the US group added. Sure, it got worse at first with all those in your face "Spin now!" ads, but they did a good job updating the grapics, I'm glad they hired a sympony to update the music. It's lovely, and I've always wanted an interface similar to Windows where you can drag, drop, and move everything around. RuneScape is going to die. It's only a matter of time. By that, I mean it will still exist, but it'll turn to something more like "Play now my Lord" style. They desperately need to find and hire someone who's creative enough to think up winning game ideas, but I doubt they will. Those kinds of people start their own companies rather than join another.
  9. Igloo2

    Bike riding!

    He doesn't have many of them uploaded to Facebook, just the one style he likes the most. As you browse, you can see the different prototypes and changes before using super d duper building materials. http://i.imgur.com/nG0n3NB.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FmVu6xR.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Qm2nu59.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4n5qK7m.jpg There are other intersesting pictures outside the scope of bicycles: Jet engine pictures, lightning generator thingy, racing gocarts, among other things. The neighbors hate us. Too loud, too dangerous! http://i.imgur.com/vAIMEuS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/xroNKWT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/iDkNnS4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/gGLvfMx.jpg http://i.imgur.com/HRTqUKW.jpg
  10. Igloo2

    Bike riding!

    I so need to start bicycling again! Autum weather is perfect riding weather. My father's a retired engineer and so he's filled up his free time with wild creations the neighbors don't like, but also tamer crafts like building bicycles. He gathers up supplies, does a bit of work, and then magically turns them into something that's worth thousands of dollars. I am a proud owner of one of these bicycles designed just for me. It takes a special kind of person to want one though. The bicyling group in my town is snob central. They think they're better than me, not worth talking to because they have a name brand bicycle that cost as much as a car but don't realize or don't care mine's just as good or better, and I paid for nothing but tubing and other materials.
  11. Wait, what? She's in her 40s. I'm in my 20s. Her kids are teens, a bit younger than me. I don't think it's weird. I'm friends with a Mom, so what? If I like her, then it makes sense I might like them. Plus it gives us something else to talk about. She's pretty cool, talks about wild stuff she does.
  12. My friend's children played, and I wanted to get to know them.
  13. Igloo2

    Social Media

    Yes, I have a Facebook account. No. Facebook is for keeping in touch with old friends. When you graduate from school, you don't get to see your best friends any more. While you would like to, they've moved across the country to attend university, or they've started a family, and they have to spend their free time with the baby or the wife rather than with you. You switch over to meeting up with them once a year and in the mean time, you upload stuff like "Here's a pic of me completing my first 5k!", not because you're a show off, but because you know your old friends would love to see it, but they just aren't able to. No one appricates it when their wall is filled with junk like "Bob just got a high score in RuneScape!" or "Bob commented on RuneScape's picture". Keep it to yourself, Bob! Not a chance! Facebook pages are used to increase brand loyalty. If I clicked like on Duke's Mayonnaise, they'd give me coupons, contests to enter, if somebody complained, I can see the company cares about its customers, and I'm surrounded by people who also love the stuff and are willing to share recipies and try to get their friends to like the page too. So, when those people are in the store, they're more likely to choose Duke's instead of a less expensive brand that might be just as good. Sal's doesn't need brand loyalty right now. What it needs is a heavily updated product followed by advertising to get the message out there that the site is new and improved. Decisions the staff made like to not update any pictures in 2008 when RuneScape switched over to RS HD wasn't smart. You guys are just now doing it, but sites like RS Wikia did back then plus they had those sweet animated .gifs, and people were thinking, "Why would I want to use this outdated site called Sal's? RS Wikia is stunning!" Sal's needs whatever RuneScape players want. I don't play anymore so I don't know what they would be today, but what took me away from Sal's was the dynamic content on other sites. There was one I used to get my magic cape that grabbed the grand exchange numbers every few hours, did a bit of math, and then told me which items to buy for high alching. I also used to want investment software for newbies, something that could analyze the graphs on runescape.com and tell me what it all means and instruct me on whether to buy low, sell high, or whatever. I don't know, just look at what other sites have and copy them, but make the Sal's version a step above the rest, or take a survey and ask players, "What would make your RuneScape experience better?" and do that. Easier said than done!
  14. Igloo2

    Card Fraud

    Nobody has to have access to your cards. All they need is your personal information to open a card in your name. It could've been a close friend or your own Mom who did it, a hacker who broke into a website that you use, or someone with access to your mailbox could've taken your monthly electric bill (assuming it has your payment information on it) out of the letterbox after you raised the flag and walked away. It doesn't matter how it happened so much. It more important you get it taken care of. If you lived in the USA, that would mean putting a fraud alert flag on your account (so they can't do it again for 90 days), and disputing all the fraudulent charges. All credit cards come with fraud protection. You'll definitely get reimbursed, but it'll take work to get any blemishes on your record removed.
  15. Igloo2

    Internal, moral conflict

    We all have the power to change the world through our daily purchases. If nobody wanted something, that thing wouldn't exist. You can't control everyone, but you can lessen the world's problems by choosing products made by local businesses instead of by mega corporations. It's ok to do so upon reading the big guy's Wikipedia page's Controversy section. If you don't, then I feel you're an accomplice in crime. Ignorance is no excuse. That's why I have to be as self-sufficient as possible. I can look at somebody and KNOW I'm better than them and feel like maybe they'd be better off dead, and it's so easy to do! The thought process goes: Which companies or behind their choice in clothing, vehicle, lunch, and if all else fails there's always I bet that person paid taxes, and that's probably the worst offense! If you are a US citizen, last year you were personally monetarily responsible for the research, development, and creation of a military weapon and also paid for the person behind the device to pull the trigger killing multiple innocent civilians. However, I can safely say I was not responsible for most bad things as I rarely buy anything, but when I do I try to choose second hand, denying the creator any profits, and I don't pay any taxes due to a tax "loophole". Maybe I ought to want to help those people make better choices.

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