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  1. sipcobs

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    hales you beast good progress :>
  2. sipcobs

    One Billion Lolbands Later...

    Congrats on 1b exp brotheryn.
  3. sipcobs

    After 8 years, I'm finally getting my max cape!

    Congratulations on maxing man :) .
  4. sipcobs

    #14 Slayer

  5. sipcobs

    Completionist Cape - #1 Dungeoneering

    Congrats on Completion.
  6. sipcobs

    2 Left

    congrats Trey songs
  7. sipcobs

    Super Caping

    Do you still have the picture of me in the Klin Cape Sal? i've got a one for it if you still have that picture saved somewhere " Sippy Klinches his sippy cup" haha, just a line i thought up, randomly.
  8. sipcobs

    99 Crafting

    Congrats on 99 battlestaff crafting, lightsaber
  9. Capped, time for general rank.
  10. i'm a cup of completion ! congrats :P :P :P :rofl: :ice: :wub: :wub: :heart: :)
  11. sipcobs

    And now for another mastered skill

    Congrats Hales , sadly i had to concentrate on University assignments and what not on this period of time and discontinued my membership congrats babe :ice:
  12. sipcobs

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Nina Dobrev has some ass there so many signet drops, very nice :)
  13. Not sure if this is late but here ya go
  14. sipcobs

    Five left

    nice Trey :P
  15. sipcobs

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Nina Dobrev is hot, so many drops :glasses:
  16. sipcobs


    Congrats Brother :ice: :yay:
  17. capped for week 183, first time in forever
  18. sipcobs

    99 running around in circles - 99 agility # 17.

    haha hell no focusing on maxing now
  19. Got this yesterday, my 17th 99 thanks to everyone that came, oh yeah i suck at screen shoting your messages in time haha.
  20. sipcobs

    It started out as a joke.

    Congrats Hales

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