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  1. HerpDerpMcGerp

    Dark Knight Rises

    I agree with you some. I do think that Heath Ledger played an amazing villain. The best of all the Batman movies in my opinion, if not all of the super hero movies. I loved the Dark Knight, but I do believe Dark Knight Rises is a better movie. Sure, Bane, however good, was no Joker. But the overall writing of the movie was damn good. There's a reason that it took two years to write the screenplay. I have a copy of both the Dark Knight screenplay and TDKR screenplay and TDKR is so perfectly written. The DK was simply written. It just had a great cast to pull it off. I studied film in college and TDKR is the best trilogy ending I've ever seen and is the best written feature length screenplay I've ever read. I hope to God that when they do a spinoff, which will happen, that it does not spit on Nolan's masterpiece trilogy.
  2. HerpDerpMcGerp

    Making Money Online

    You can buy underpriced stuff on ebay and then resell it. Its risky but it could easily pay off if you become really aware of pricing for particular items. Just like playing the auction house on all these games. Or you could do penny stocks.

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