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  1. Heleigh

    Someone just broke into my house

    Put a note on the door that says "keep this door locked" then no one will forget.
  2. Heleigh

    [07] Old School Rare Items

    I voted yes. Selling them from a shop for a high price sounds like a good idea. This way it's no different from buying it off of players and it will be somewhat rare. And if they are at a fixed price, no one will lose or make money.
  3. Heleigh

    Acount deactivation?

    I'm pretty sure a few years ago they had cleared out a lot of accounts that didn't have any skills over level 40(?) that hadn't been used in over a year. I don't think they do that anymore. Maybe you just misspelled the name though.
  4. I feel like catherby would be my hometown because it has always been the place I go to fish.
  5. Heleigh

    What's your favorite skill?

    I have always liked fishing because I can just chill or afk and chat with friends. Probably gonna get 20m fish xp soon!
  6. Heleigh

    New PC

    Really cool! I'm so use to getting laptops but someday I will build a PC. (:
  7. Heleigh

    Robbing banks

    It would be interesting if they made a quest or mini game for robbing banks but as of now it doesn't exist.
  8. Heleigh

    What To Do About Global Warming

    Global warming does exist... it started 18,000 years ago when the ice age ended. The earth will always be changing.
  9. Heleigh

    What To Do About Global Warming

    The way I see it is that we need to find safe energy aaandd quickly implement it into the world within 50 years. But even if that happens, it will not stop global warming, we will never stop it. The humans did not start global warming, only contributed to it.
  10. Heleigh

    A Time for Godswords

    NIce! This brings back memories. A long time ago I had wanted a GS so bad and eventually saved up 22m for the bandos godsword. Great accomplishment, goodjob (:
  11. Heleigh

    Man orders TV, gets assault rifle instead

    I wonder if he got his money back
  12. Heleigh

    Sal's Realm Vs The Dark Syndicates

    Aww! I missed it ): did anyone take a screenshot?
  13. Heleigh

    Blizzard: Battle.net Has Been Hacked

    Just a thought, how do we know what websites are safe?
  14. Heleigh

    Hello Everyone!

    hallÄ! I have become less involved with the community so I joined sal's forum! I hope to meet some nice people and make new friends. About me: I joined runescape in 05 and play off and on. Combat level 114. Three 99s. I hope to achieve 2000 total level. I stand in the GE, merching, most of the time. My clan name is 'Varrock'. Display name is 'heleigh'. Youtube channel is 'thevarocshow'. Questions: Is there an fc or cc for Sal's forum? How's everyone doing? :D
  15. I wonder what kind of conversation goes on with the model
  16. Heleigh

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  17. Heleigh

    How many notifications do you usually get?

    I didn't know we get notifications haha
  18. you can dig with a spade but there's never a hole. And also, doors do not swing open.
  19. Heleigh


    wooo nice job! What are you going to do now?
  20. Heleigh

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you everyone! I will stay, don't worry (:
  21. Heleigh

    Let's settle this once and for all

    I have never used roseart...
  22. Heleigh

    Bot Nuke 2

    Well it looks like jagex has learned from the bot nuke. The first optimus update was just to help implement future bot prevention updates into the game engine. So when they do release the next "bot nuke" it will not cause a large amount of interference with normal players as it did last year. This proves that they are preparing for another large scale bot update. I did invest 200m and hopefully the next optimus update will go as planned.
  23. Just got shark gloves today :D
  24. Heleigh

    Boy are my legs tired

    So awesome! Grattis (:

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