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  1. Heleigh

    Your favourite places

    I've been there! It was nice (:
  2. Heleigh

    Your favourite places

    New Zealand because I love hiking and it looks nice. I hope to visit someday...
  3. Heleigh

    What's going on in your life?

    Good heavens, I wish I had been that excited when I had to go apple picking back in the days of yon. :P It's a chance for me to get out and take pictures, that's why I'm so happy. I've been stuck inside way too long. Does anyone agree that fall is the best season?
  4. Heleigh

    Happy Birthday

    Woo! Lets have a party!
  5. Heleigh

    What's going on in your life?

    Sorry to hear that, kaysie. :( I'm currently procrastinating from doing work. And I think I'm going apple picking next weekend!
  6. Heleigh


    Well said, yuanrang. The only thing I will regret is not learning from my mistakes. But I will not regret my mistakes.
  7. Heleigh

    Sarah's First 99: Construction!

    Good luck! Construction is fun but it eats my money ): Maybe I'll come visit while your training
  8. Heleigh

    hey people stuff and stuff hi aabid

  9. I agree with igloo2 in a certain way. The game has made me more patient. I think investing and using the ge subconsciously helps with some real world things. It stimulates the brain, thinking about what to buy, how much and what to do while I wait. Or maybe I'm just crazy :P I also made so many friends that I still talk to and being a part of a community is awesome.
  10. Just like most people, my friend showed me runescape in 4th grade. I would spend a lot of time exploring the wilderness and it was exciting to see how long I could survive. It wasn't until a year later that I got more into it and started exploring other aspects of the game, such as skilling.
  11. Heleigh

    new here to say hello!

    Hey nice to meet you too (:
  12. Heleigh

    Voyager 1 Exits the Solar System

    Does anyone know what kind of information it is collecting?
  13. This looks really fun hopefully I can go
  14. Wouldn't the bones be detached from each other?
  15. Heleigh

    A Hero's Life

    Interesting story. You should make it longer though! (:
  16. Heleigh


    Hello Greater! If you need any help with the videos you can ask me. :lol:
  17. Heleigh

    How do you drink your coffee?

    I drink at least two cups a day and sometimes tea
  18. Heleigh

    Making Money

    I make most of my money from investments. But that's usually long term. Fishing is awesome too. :)
  19. Heleigh

    Boy has it been a long time...

    I'm a newbie, nice to meet you and welcome back!
  20. Heleigh

    US 'battery breakthrough'

    I think most phones are thin enough already. Although, if you use a case they suddenly become huge...
  21. Heleigh

    Explosions Hit Boston Marathon

    I heard they found the lid of the pressure cooker on a roof somewhere.
  22. Heleigh

    Looking for a new phone

    HTC One looks nice. It's made of metal, has a 4.7 inch screen with 468 ppi. The camera is OK. Only 4 mp but it's really fast and looks fine as long as it's not dark. Front camera is 2.1 mp. The HTC One has an IR blaster which allows you to control your television/receiver using a nice application that HTC provided. The 64 gb version comes out tomorrow but you would need to have a contract unless you want to pay over $600. The 32GB version is available on April 24th. Buy this phone if you want the best screen resolution.
  23. Heleigh

    Bans imposed on nuclear weaponry

    I know the US and Russia both agree to limit their warheads. Which means the US only deploys about 1,500 of them... and has another 4,000. This is incredibly high compared to other countries.
  24. Vegetables are officially creepy.

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