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  1. GEEtotheMAX

    Making Money on Runescape?

    Hmm - good point. Why is it that most of the guides (not calculators, players sharing experiences etc.) about making profit with this recommend woodcutting first? I guess I'll have to do some experimenting :P. Gee
  2. GEEtotheMAX

    Making Money on Runescape?

    I have read that guide, and the one here on Sal's (http://runescape.salmoneus.net/tips/managing-miscellania.html), but neither of those take into consideration the contents of the 60 something nests a week... only the crushed nests themselves. Magic seeds (~200k) or yew seeds (~70k) could potentially make woodcutting the most profitable, so I've set most of my workers to Maple trees, whilst I agree mining would appear to be the best second :). Thank's for your input though! Gee
  3. GEEtotheMAX

    Making Money on Runescape?

    Lord Lokov - I've done some research (playing runescape...), and I assume by Kingdom you mean Managing Miscellania? If so, I'm aware that you get 852 maple logs + 8 nests a day if you set all your resources to woodcutting, and 545 coal + 5 gems if you choose mining... This makes mining more profitable (without taking into consideration gems/nests). Do the nests make woodcutting more profitable, due to the chance of yew/magic seeds? I've googled it, but found nothing so far! Gee
  4. GEEtotheMAX

    Making Money on Runescape?

    Thanks for the reply! Sorry for linking to an external site in my first post, I suppose having browsed without posting it's understandable that a few of you are cautious seeing as none of you know who I am! (Scary that I recognise a couple of usernames - makes me sound like a stalker!). I had found the link to the money making thread, I just didn't want to go using other people's methods without asking for fear of screwing over their favourite way of making money! Gee
  5. GEEtotheMAX

    Making Money on Runescape?

    Hey everybody here at Sal's! I've been lurking in the background for quite a while, but only just got round to posting. I'd like to say thanks for all the great advice and help I've stolen whilst browsing the forums! I've recently started a Blog, dedicated to teaching people how to make money on runescape. Sal's has a wealth of knowledge, and is great for just about anything, but it's not dedicated to making money which can make finding new methods amongst the thousands of other threads challenging. I have a few methods already, and I'd be hugely grateful if any of you would take a look at my blog and tell me if anything is incorrect or needs changing! I know for a fact that one of my methods DOES make over 1m an hour with no skills required, but if any of you could test it and add a comment that would be great :). The real reason for this post is that I need some more ideas for money making tutorials. I've got a few more planned, but knowing me I've missed something somewhere! If there's a method you use to make Money on Runescape that you'd be happy for me to try and do a tutorial video for, please let me know! I'll be sure to credit you in the video AND article, so rest assured I won't be taking all the credit! Here's a link anyway, and I hope there's something on here that can help somebody! http://get-rich-on-r...blogspot.co.uk/ EDIT: Apologies for linking to an external site in my first ever post - I understand this may look dodgy! Here's a link to my Youtube channel (most of my videos are uploaded here) for those of you smart enough to avoid dodgy looking links! :P. http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBigFriendlyGinger Many thanks, GEEtotheMAX. (Add me in game - I'm friendly!)

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