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    looking for founders

    Introduction: Have you been interested in being more than just a member in a clan? Have you been a member but have never been recognized for all you achieved? Have you always been interested in being a founder and leading a clan to greatness? I am currently looking for four talented, friendly, and energetic founders who are willing to take the time to not only start a clan and lead it to greatness, but to help those in need, rather they be clan member or stranger. The Clan: This clan would be focusing on Skills and Questing. How is this clan going to be different from any other clan? Simple. The members. We were all new to this game once. Do you remember how hard it was to figure out how to play? How frustrating it was to find shops, quest items, and good places to fish and mine? This is because there wasn’t a clan to give us a hand and help us out. Until now. We will be focusing on skills and quests while helping those who are need, member or stranger; beginner to expert. Requirements to be a founder: 1. Be active 2. Mature 3. Friendly 4. Have the same ideals as covered above 5. Be able to help plan/hold events 6. Have ideas to help bring the clan to greatness Interested? Add me as a friend on runescape: Daskatza Or post here. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get to know me first.

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