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  1. In this video I give a in-depth look on how to train Invention via Augmented gear at Bandos. During the video you can select where you want to wish with interactive buttons to skip to the parts you desire to watch. As with all my guides, This method requires NO FOOD at all. Tier 75/90/90 gear can be used as shown. I have trained here since I was level 27 and currently still do. I take 3 hour trips as shown above. Enjoy and if you have any comments, feel free to post. - Pires
  2. Cheers bud, Yea, If I could, I'd transfer to OSRS
  3. Ever thought of solo'n Zilyana? This guide is the perfect beginners guide to killing her without using food and with easy to afford tier 80 gear. No cheaters, just straight to the point. Part 2 of my GWD series. Check out my other videos if you're interested in the God Wars Dungeon.

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