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    ~~~~The Nosferatu~~~~

    Hello everyone, im Rapterrider8 and im a Admin in the clan called "The Nosferatu". I got one question for everyone out there that has been clans in the past and they exspect so much out of you? well here at our clan, we hardly exspect anything out of you. Only things we do exspect is that you are an active member, help out in the citadel and try to join in our events (have one once in a great while). Our clan is a great, friendly enviroment that will help as much as we can. Our requirments to join the clan is to be 90+combat (we are thinking of chaning it. will let you know soon). all i ask is for you to join our clan, not out of despriation, but out of meeting new people in the game we all love. ~~~~Contact people in our group for more information~~~~ Kain Drakan-Leader Gier Goblet-Deputy Owner Rapterrider8-Admin Nomadicausie-Admin Hope you guys get a hold of us soon! :)

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