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  1. Trying to get 99 woodcutting almost there!!

    1. Dei Wei

      Dei Wei

      Only 3,572,286 exp to go!

  2. Newtking

    What's your favorite skill?

    I like woodcutting.. I AM A LUMBERJACK!!!
  3. Newtking

    So I just got an email

    Paw your posts are 666!!1
  4. You wear one in the weapon slot and the other one in the shield slot. Oh that is how you get double handed. Thank you.
  5. Newtking

    Hi im Newtking!!

    Hi minimen! I tried to stare into Adam's eyes but I am got scared. I'm not sleeping tonight.
  6. Newtking

    Hi im Newtking!!

    Nice to meet you Sitting Bull.
  7. Newtking

    Hi im Newtking!!

    Adam your picture scares me.
  8. Newtking

    The Musical Future

    I wonder if they can program robots to play instruments in a band.
  9. What is the difference between off-hand and on hand?
  10. Newtking

    Hi im Newtking!!

    Really Newt Gingrich?
  11. Newtking

    Hi im Newtking!!

    Thank you all for welcoming me to the community.
  12. Newtking

    Which President would be best to have now?

    Thomas Wilson for the win!
  13. I might come and slaughter turkeys!!!
  14. Newtking

    Some people really hate EOC

    Lol angry German kid. I bet there are a million hitler reacts to eoc.
  15. Newtking

    Hi im Newtking!!

    Hi im Newtking I have been playing Runescape for 5 years and have always used Sals Realm as a guide to the quests. I have decent skills my skill total 1121 and love to mess around in Runescape. I look forward to meeting all of the community.

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