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  1. I think it would be a great idea for a whole section dedicated to the quests for 2007 :D
  2. AngeredLotus

    OldSchool Runescape Quest Guides

    Wow! Didn't expect to see a reply from Salmoneous Himself! Thanks for the feedback and for telling me how to embed the video :D
  3. Hi guys, I am attempting to start up my YouTube channel with a quest guide series, Please give me your feedback on the videos! Thanks! ~~~~~ Playlist ~~~~~ Cook's Assistant Doric's Quest Restless Ghost
  4. AngeredLotus

    S U 0 M I

    They will probably make it a 300m xp cap per skil instead of 200m and be a troll. *AS USUAL*
  5. AngeredLotus

    From Scratch?

    Just got my mic, I will probably start this series soon ^.^
  6. AngeredLotus

    From Scratch?

    Im not sure, im only 164 combat or so, but I would find ways like perhaps barrows, gwd, dag kings, and more Yeah, I am probably gonna have some sped up clips of me at bosses then a montage of all drops worth mentioning, or any progress They Won't be long vids, but also they wont be 1 minute long, maybe 4-5 minutes each
  7. AngeredLotus

    From Scratch?

    Should I do a youtube series of road to 1b drop tab from scratch; or anything like it? Please post what you think I should Do. :)

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