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  1. To start out with, our rules! RULES 1. Cursing is NOT allowed in clan chat 2. You MUST cap out in the citadel weekly 3. If a player needs help you must help them, no exceptions 4. If a new member joins the clan be sure to welcome them! 5. ALWAYS be friendly, remember bad behavior will make the clan look bad! 6. Please do not beg, we have many members that will help you with money making guides 7. Each member will have a job, you MUST do your job daily 8. You must be loyal in order to keep your place in this clan 9. You must respect EVERYONE 10. You must ALWAYS be honest These rules should be how you normally play the game anyway, so it shouldn't be so hard right? A little info on the clan! Hello everyone, I would like to tell you just what Ascended Alliance is all about! Firstly I would like to say we are a Semi-Roleplay clan which means we each have a job ( We take on the role of our job and we do it daily) Secondly we are a social clan ( This means we are very chatty, we love newcomers and everyone is welcomed to join in on the conversation! ) And lastly we are a helping clan ( This means all members are required to help your fellow RS players, and clan members of course! If you see someone in need do not hesitate to take a second of your time just to ask if there is any way you can help! ) Now that we have that settled I must say that we are a newly formed clan though I have high hopes for us! We are currently in the beta stage of the whole roleplay process ( Basically nobody has a job just yet, though this will change soon! ) The leader of the clan is "Miss Sophiax" ( Me! ) There is currently no co-leader though I do have my eyes on someone for that position. If you're looking to join the clan just for an officer role then you are wasting your time! All ranks must be earned fairly. ( Recruiting, Capping in the Citadel, Being active and loyal, Etc. ) We are here to help people, that is our main goal. We are hoping to grow large, and help players all over Runescape! If you would love to join a friendly community with a lovely atmosphere and helpful members then we are for you. Now here is some information on future events! Future events for Ascended Alliance! I plan to host several events, ranging from skilling, the monster killing, all the way to misc hide and seek hunts, etc. Now for a little info. I do for sure plan to host some sort of fishing event, each event will have a reward either cash or some great item that will entice you all. For more information on this feel free to chat with me ingame, I will also make a forum section just for events! Also on a side note we currently have a recruitment event going on! Please check out our website for more info! Website: http://ascendedalliance.enjin.com/home (if it's not okay to add our site please remove this link) Leaders ingame name: Blissard
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