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  1. Londons a great city, you'll love it :)
  2. Danny ST

    About Slayer?

    Thank you for the information :) gonna do the quest tomorrow and do some co-op assignments as well, as it should be fun!
  3. Danny ST

    About Slayer?

    I thought I'd give Slayer a go, as I have heard it's quite good for making money. I just have a couple of questions: 1. How do I do a co-op assignment or gain co-op points? I have a friend who I play Runescape with so it's no problem finding someone to co-op with, just wondering how it's done. 2. How do I gain Slayer points? I have completed 1 assignment from Tureal(?) in Burthorpe/Taverley, but have no points.. 3. How exactly is it a good way to make money? Because of the monsters it will lead me to fight?
  4. Danny ST


    Can someone explain the concept of flipping please?

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