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  1. Hi everyone, I am looking for the true worth of the items Sea Singer's Hood and Tetsu Helm. The G.E. says they are both worth around 60M each, but I know that they degrade after 10 hours of combat, and that there is a superior version of each helm. I am wondering if anyone knows if these items actually sell for what they are "worth" on the G.E. or if they have an actual going price that is far lower, or maybe just no body buys them at all due to the fact that they degrade for nothing? Any insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. Boo! That's too bad, thanks for the response.
  3. Hi All. I was farming some cow hides the other day between Lumbridge and Draynor where you can bank your cow hides with Beefy Bill (for a 10% fee). I was wondering if there are any other Cow locations where a Beefy Bill or Beefy Bill like NPC resides that will bank your hides. It seems to me this is the best method to gather them as you do not have to run all the way back to an actual bank, however the location I spoke of has somewhat spreadout Cow spawns and I am seeking out a new spot to gather them, if such a "banking" method exists elsewhere. Thanks!
  4. Anytime I go to play Fist of Guthix now on my free-play account the arena is virtually deserted, no matter what time of day. Does anyone know if there is a specific reason for this? Do players use a different world other than the one labelled as Fist of Guthix event world?
  5. Ohh I see. So in terms of "free-play" magic use, catalytic runes have no use? Other than for curses I suppose as Cockatrice suggested.
  6. It seems to me that with the introduction of EoC missile runes such as minds, chaos, deaths, etc. now have no place in the game? All spells can be cast without them using just elemental runes. Have I missed something? Is there still a use for these types of runes?
  7. Hi there, I have played very minimally since the EoC but the few times that I did I discovered that practically any monster I attacked now seems to have a ranged attack. I am a magic pure with level 1 defence so obviously I cannot take a lot of damage. I was upset to find that training on lesser demons is no longer viable for me. Do all monsters now have a ranged attack or are there still areas in the game where players can attack from a safe distance without being damaged?

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