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    Starting New Clan

    I am starting up a clan, but unfortunately I do not have anyone to start it up with. I am looking for one or two other people who would like to help me make this happen. The main focus of the clan would be Skilling, but it would include some combat events and social gatherings (House Parties, Giveaways, Ect). I'm not going to be too specific when it comes to requirements for a leader, but here's what I'm looking for: -1,000+ Skill Level (Not very high) -Friendly to other players -Frequently active on RS -Above average knowledge of RS, preferably in Skills -Live in the U.S. (For communication reasons) As you can see, the requirements aren't too high. Even if you don't meet one, if you seem like a cool guy I can definitely look past them. I'm not trying to create a clan that will compete with the Top 10 Clans on RS. All I am looking for in this clan is to form a group of pretty cool people who can chill out and skill together. I've been a part of multiple clans in the past, and I find the most fun ones to be relaxed ones, versus clans who are super serious. Recruitment, though, will be in a sense serious, because I'd rather not have a bunch of nine year-olds being annoying and trying to "Troll". One last thing is I do not currently have a name for the clan (I'm not a very creative person), so I am 100% open to suggestions. Even if you are reading this and don't want to be a part of the clan, I am still open to suggestions on what to call it. Please PM me in game if you are interested. I have my Private chat set to Friends (To avoid spamming from random people) so if you would like to be a part of this clan, make sure to post a reply including your RSN. Thanks, and have a nice day :D

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