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  1. siverion

    RS3 Discussion & Help

    i found these sacred metal fragments, any idea what they are?
  2. siverion

    If you've ever done Agility, you will know the Joy

    what do you get when doing 250 laps?
  3. siverion

    #1 Prayer

    grats! that's a nice 99 i'd also like to get ^^
  4. ^ like he said but most people hate eoc while i love it, best update ever in my opinion at least now you can do something more then hoping you hit and wait for it
  5. siverion

    The New Interface System Enters Open Beta

    that's what they say but i don't see any difference
  6. i like this update it was about time they added some more lodestones
  7. siverion

    Player Owned Ports

    at this moment i only have 3 regions unlocked -the arc -the skull -the hook i am focusing mainly on the skull because i seem to have much to low succes percentages in the hook and i don't want to risk losing precious crew members and/or damage my ship. right now i'm trying to get all the parts for my ships and decent crew before i go further
  8. siverion


    helllo ^-^
  9. siverion

    Beat the image above with a Picture Caption :)

    i'll join in =)
  10. siverion

    How Many RuneScape Accounts Do You Have?

    i voted one i used to have 2 but it's been years that i used the 2nd one. the moment i realized it's more fun to really make progress in one account and not start all over again i abandoned the 2nd
  11. siverion

    Your Feedback Implemented!

    i like the toolbelt upgrade alot, finally something usefull. i added both my dpickaxe and dhatchet immediately =)
  12. siverion

    Divination Skil

    i just hope it's going to be something usefull that can be used with other skills
  13. siverion

    Player Owned Ports

    nice ports all, i'm just a beginner on the port but i enjoy it alot and i can't wait until i get some good crew and upgrade my ships ^^
  14. haha, this is great you made me laugh xD
  15. i got a membership account for years and i don't like the 07 version so why bother paying for a game so you play a version of it that's 6 years old?

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